Thursday, May 9, 2013

Venus in Gemini,Astrology of the Lovers,Mother's Day and perfect gifts

Venus enters AIRY LIGHT sign of the TWINS –  GEMINI May 9 -June 2nd
all flirty fabulous and not going to commit

a little breathing space what with all that earthy Taurus stubbornness.
Air signs are choking on too much reality.

Venus in GEMINI- the mantra
She loves me, she loves me not.  I love him, do I love him? I dunno.
VENUS, the Empress, in the TAROT is now visible as the evening star in the west,
in GEMINI she is in the sign of the LOVERS in the TAROT TRUMPS #6

we are in a NUMBER 6 year  2013 reduces to 6.
Weekend forecast LIGHT and BREEZY,

Moon also enters GEMINI on May 10 at 2:21 pm PDT
Venus and MOON spoon in conjunction in the evening. Ah lovely, romantic LITE detached.
Funny that June wedding occur mainly when the Sun is in Gemini which is ambivalent generally
but the deeper nature is in the Tarot card symbol, No duality.

May 11 apres Eclipse
Moon squares Neptune in wee hours- emotional detachment in dreams- you may be able to fly, telepathic dreams
a couple of quincunx’s – Gemini TWIN Moon to Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn
emotional lightness doesn’t go down well with Scorpio laser intense soul needs
or Capricorn all duty, business,serious, responsibility work ethic.
SUN conjuncts MERCURY in Taurus
the GEMINI communication board lights up with practical ideas which you can put to good use
This is a great day for all GEMINI’s and Taurus signs
and then Moon squares Chiron in Pisces
if you try to be everywhere you can end up lost and nowhere.


really  great and simple 1 FAB aspect

GEMINI MOON CONJUNCTS JUPITER  at 6:32 am then moon goes V/c
An anti-aging bonus blessing from Jupiter if there ever was one.
so Mom gets big communications smakeroos from the BIG GUY
a lightning bolt of upbeat fun, chit chat, light as air and feeling
like you can fly like Peter  Pan
and definitely believe in fairies.

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