Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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Inspirational Card of the Day May 29
Minor Tarot Card
Tarot of the Holy Light deck
Tarot of the Holy Light Tara Greene
The 4 of DISKS
This is a beautiful image. I love it that is shows the Astrology degrees associated with the cards.
The Sun just passed through those degrees , and 20 degrees Taurus was the degree of the Solar Eclipse on May 9.
the synchronicity stew thickens!
Ruled by Mercury, well we have the Sun  Venus Mars and Jupiter in Gemini now ruled by Mercury till the 31st.
The 4 of disks is an earthy card. Four symbolize the four elements, fire, water, air, earth.
The #4 in the Tarot Trumps is the EMPEROR associated with Aries and Mars’ its ruler.
The fours are always a foundation, bedrock, related to home. The 4th house in Astrology is always Home, roots, mother, nurturing, sustenance, emotional security.
Batten down the hatches. Find a place to stake your claim. Own your own power. Get grounded. There’s lots of air energy although that will change to flowing water soon. The foundation you build-a very Saturn thing, is what you stand on.  The core energy supports the entire structure.
“As you sow, so shall you reap.”
Where do you feel strongest?  Is it a  place? an activity? A state of mind?  Somewhere in your body?
With certain people? Doing what you love?
If you don’t feel totally balanced and grounded then you need to find it.
The practical physical word of 3 dimensions needs balance in all elements.
Ask your self these 4 questions about each element in your life.
How, what, where, why  is your fire element? Passion, desire, energy, actions, inspirations
How, what, where, why is your water element? Feelings, intuition, heart, love, family, emotional security.
How, what, where, why is your air element? Consciousness, clarity, discrimination, memory, curiosity, new ideas
How, what, where, why is your earth element? Physically, stability, home, financial security, support system,
write down your answers. Ponder this, then do 4 things to manifest them.
GROUNDING is good. We are in the Real world to process our spiritual work.
So be it.
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The video- JUST FIND A PLACE TO MAKE YOUR STAND- Take it easy by the EAGLES 1972