Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Inspirational daily card, letting go of disappointment, letting go and healing Tara Greene

Inspirational Card of the Day for May 14 
8 of cups
the Tarot of Truth, Tara Greene
the Tarot of Timeless Truth deck
Remember that the Tarot synchronizes the collective Unconscious’s emotions
Yesterday we had Tarot Trump #8 Justice/ Adjustment /Karma
today we also have another eight, the 8 of cups.
8′s are traditionally “difficult” complex numbers. Nearing the end of the journey of 9 which is completion.
the Thoth Tarot 8 of cups is  called INDOLENCE
8 of cups The Tarot
Its associated with SATURN in PISCES
Your hopes and dreams have turned sour, your pain comes from hanging on to something which is clearly no good for you. Stuck in the swamp. Martyrdom. Allowing others’ to steal your energy.
Lack of boundaries. Believing a projection, but you can’t ignore the harsh reality in the situation..
Toxic addictions,  trying to control others emotionally.  An abyss of despair.
THE MYTHIC TAROT says “The future cannot be manipulated. We go empty-handed into the unknown.”
Ye,s in Toronto the LEAF hockey fans are disappointed. 
The Moon is in Cancer today.  It’s OK to cry and move on.
I have had clients who totally mirror this card’s energy all day today. 
Until we able to let go of that which is not fulfilling our highest goals
we have no space to receive anything new.
There is always hope, trust that all has happened for your highest good. Learn the Karmic lesson and move on.
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