Sunday, May 26, 2013

Inspirational Daily Card-get outta your head Tarot Astrology from Tara Greene

May 26 Inspirational Card of the Day
The 10 of Swords
This is one of the most POSITIVE images of the 10 of swords which is usually a very negative seeming card.
Swords represent the mind, consciousness, thoughts and all AIR Signs- GEMINI- where the Sun is now, Libra and Aquarius.
All 10′s are completions, endings,  fulfillment, no where left to go- but to start over.
You’ve run out of ideas, you’ve thought about this to the 9th degree, That’s It! Enough. 
Get out of your head. Your mind is a mine field of negativity. STOP! It’ll only drive yourself crazy thinking about it.
Make POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS! Your mind creates your reality. 
Make space for new ideas and Intuition to come through.
The synchronicity here is that I was thinking, and swords are thoughts, mind, consciousness, that I wanted to teach an Astrology and Tarot workshop.
Each of the ‘pip” or numbered suit cards govern a specific part of the Zodiac. Each Zodiac sign is broken down into 3 segments of 10 degrees each. Each part, called a  ”decan” is ruled by a specific sign in sequence. Air decans are  Gemini, Libra then Aquarius.
For example -the 10 of swords, rules over the last AIR element decan- that of Aquarius. It governs the time of year of June 11-20 and the degrees of 20- 29.59 of Gemini.
VENUS, MERCURY  and JUPITER are now within those degrees, in order and you can see them clearly in the sunset skies these days.
Think outside the box, in true Aquarian ruled fashion. 
Sagittarius Moon opposed those 3 planets last night while half the world was sleeping.
GEMINI Sun has squared off with Neptune in Pisces at 6:26 am EDT  Your intuition is strong today. 
Moon is void of course today till 2:28 pm PDT/5:28 pm EDT
good for doing mundane stuff
Saggy Moon makes an akward quincunx to Mars in Taurus at noon EDT
resistance to change is futile.
MOON enters CAPRICORN at 2:28 pm PDT
Makes nice sextile to Neptune at 10:58 pm PDT to heighten your dreams.
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GOING OUT OF MY HEAD by Little Anthony and the Imperials 1964 Goin out of my head- Little Anthony & the Imperials