Thursday, May 23, 2013

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford futurewas predicted by PsychicTarot Reader Astrology Tara Greene Dec 2012

In the Toronto Star  newspaper published  December 31, 2012 
Toronto Tarot Card  reader Tara Greene Interviewed about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Future
                                            Toronto Psychic Tarot Reader Tara Greene VINCE TALOTTA / TORONTO STAR 
By: Niamh Scallan Staff Reporter, Published Monday December 31 2012
Tara Greene holds up 3 tarot cards that she chose in response to the question:
What will come of
Mayor Rob Ford in 2013?
The first card, the Knight of Wands, represents the situation he is in as a leader;
the second, the Prince of Cups, represents power, control and secrets;
and the third, one of the worst cards to choose, is the 9 of Swords, representing a negative outcome.
“There’s going to be a lot of tension in the city, said Tara Greene, a Toronto- based astrologer and psychic whose tarot cards warned of a rocky year ahead for Canada’s largest city.
 Let’s begin with city hall.
 After a year that saw municipal politics dominate headlines for all the wrong reasons, Greene’s astrology chart and tarot card readings pointed to yet another stretch of instability and political strife, with concerns over “corruption” and council’s lack of cohesion resulting in more questions than answers over what to do about the city’s ageing infrastructure.
 Greene said the city will continue to neglect its infrastructural needs as condominiums rise and the city’s streets clog  with traffic unless the city welcomes Major political changes.
 ”It sounds like the City of Toronto is going to through a huge upheaval,” she said. “This is a critical “make it or break it” time.. if  the city is going to survive as a viable world-class city, it’s going to have to change.”
“It’s not such a good time for Toronto,” she added. “It’s a testing time.”
In terms of ousted Mayor Rob Ford, whose fate on council has yet to be determined, Greene pulled three tarot cards that pointed to an ominous future for
The man- the Knight of Wands { a leader}, the Prince of Cups { power, control and secrets} and the 9 of Swords { a negative outcome}.
{Ford’s} in a benevolent zone right now, but I don’t  think that’s going to last.” Said Greene, predicting that his time at the city’s helm  would end in March.
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