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Remember why you came here, Tara Greene

This is one of my fave songs. I love Peia's voice. I will be in Washington D.C. Oct 22 2016 for the 1,000 Goddess Gathering to participate in anchoring the Divine Feminine energies. I will be holding energy at the Earth Element Altar and offering an inspirational song. I hope you can come and participate in this incredible event. Thanks to Mare Cromwell for listening to the Great Mother's call.
1,000 Goddess Gathering for more info and to register. It's Free

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This week;s Astrology Guide by Tara Greene

This week’s astrology guide by Tara Greene

10/10 nice numerology Aquarius Air Trines day- nice ‘n easy for a Holiday. Wishing you and yours all the best.
10/11 BUSY DAY
magical expansive peacemaking
water trines
Healing the sexual wounds of misogyny are a very hot topic these days.  After Trump’s video where he bragged about grabbing women’s pussies. A writer, Kelly Oxford  asked for “Women: tweet me your first assaults,” Oxford said: “they aren’t just stats.” 1 million tweets came in in one eveing. This is a positive thing backlash from the misogynistic out there allows women to be strong, free of guilt and shame and name what was done to them. It is the steps to healing. 
Speaking of sex. All men are not bad. There are men who are your soul mates, asore women and treat them like Goddesses. Women also need to strengthen their own inner masculine.
10/12 Yom Kippur, The Holiest day of the year for the Jewish people. Fasting and prayers of forgiveness and merit are recited all day. 
MOON ENTERS PISCES in the morning and things get flowy, out of focus, creativite, idealistic, more inebriated, denial is a symptom. Dreams do get stronger, its the best couple of days to be awake and aware and practice yoru LUCID DREAMING skills.  
This makes it challenging to find the words to balance out our relationship ideals. This may be the ideal time to find out where those lost dreams went.
This requires great aplomb and to slow down the Mars backlash energy. 
PISCES Moon is very active today.  Moon squares SATURN and INCONJUNCTS SUN
This can feel like a heavy like responsibility. Trying to move mountains.
You know how it is when you are trying to life up the spirits of those who are permanently shooting themselves in the feet? Good words and deeds and well intentioned actions may fall on deaf ears. A day to honor your pain.
MOON enters ARIES @ 8:08 am PDT
A new lunar beginning. If you are a SUN or MOON in ARIES person you will be experiencing your personal “New Moon” and lunar return phase.
Communicating as this aspect brings is optimism, good humor, a far reaching sense of adventure, intuitively being able to put things together. Good energy for giving talks or getting your parents to let you go on a trip.
15th/16 FULL MOON in ARIES @ 23+ degrees  CARDINAL FIRE
9:23 pm PDT/ OCT.16  @ 12:23 am EDT/ 4:23 am GMT
A complex full Moon  With URANUS ERIS and the Moon in a very tight conjunction opposing the SUN. Anything can happen! a total wild card energy. This is the symbol of the JOKER, yah and all those crazy clowns scaring people, as symbols of literally send n the clowns. The Joker = The Fool in the TAROT.  Symbolizes a chaotic anything can happen openess to it ALL> 
gilded Tarot Tara Greene
MARS and PLUTO are also in conjunction at the Full Moon ruled by MARS.  This is a very scorpionic energy overall, more details soon.
15th MERCURY SQUARES PLUTO @ 15+ degrees bringing up the old CARDINAL CROSS ENERGIES again
This is intense and puts more pressure on diplomacy, trying to maintain balance with the powerful polarities and keeping powerful people corporation and government agencies in check. 
16th MOON enters TAURUS
we finish the week off on a more grounded note. 
just a brief guideline for you.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of TARA Greene
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Monday, October 10, 2016

Beauty and Brains Astrology Goddess ritual for love commitments by Tara Greene

VENUS conjuncts JUNO in SCORPIOBEAUTY and BRAINS – you can have both

10/10 @ 9:26 PM PDTON THE 11TH @ 12:26 AM EDT/4:26 AM GMT
Venus,Ceres, Juno by Raphael. Astrology Tara Greene
This is a very beautiful, powerfully intense energy for receiving profound transformation using the Divine Genius of JUNO and the beauty of VENUS together which only happens less than once a year. Transform your love life.
Yes, you do have both qualities, Beauty and brains, the best combo.  Now is the time to connect to them. 
JUNO, yes they have theatrical Juno awards in Canada and a famous movie of the same name.
JUNO /HERA and VENUS/ APHRODITE are both connected with relationships specifically. They were the only two Goddesses who were legally married. This tells us that the myths we know of are latter day patriarchal versions of the Goddesses. Legal marriage was instituted by the Greeks. These Goddesses are as ancient as human consciousness. Lets’ get back to their origins.
The Hera/JUNO we are most familiar with her comes from a, watered down version of the Great Goddess who once reigned supreme, but who was married off to Zeus. She had to put up with his cheating ways. Goddesses took consorts not husbands in the ancient days. They usually married their brothers and Hera and Zeus were siblings. JUNO symbolizes the desire for a mystical union in the sanctified solemnity of Marriage vows.
JUNO’s symbol is the peacock whose thousand-eyed tail feathers symbolizes seeing in all dimensions at once. The peacock is also a symbol of royal beauty. The male bird spreads out his beautiful tail feathers to attract the female’s acceptance. He knows he has to show his desirability and worthiness to her before she will mate with him. That’s the way it always has been.
June. Marriage Goddess,Tara Greene astrology
Goddess JUNO Gustav Moreau painting1881
Juno’s symbol is an 8-armed glyph with a cross of the elements beneath it. This symbolizes her multi-tasking energy which is what women by necessity, do best. JUNO is the symbol for Feminine Genius. The term “genius” being specifically for masculine brain power only. I believe that is her original meaning.

VENUS is the Goddess symbolizing all women, all feminine energies. She is love, beauty, female sexuality, luxury, sensuality and the arts.
SCORPIO is the most intensely sexual, secretive, in depth sign of regeneration, transformation, psychology, the shadow, and of the Phoenix rising from the dead.
Align with the “as above, so below.” Use this conjunction to honor Venus as both the sexual, and death bringing Goddess aspects with Juno’s genius through ritual and prayer.
Get out your peacock feathers and your finest jewelry and make yourself up. Wear something elaborately decorated which makes you feel like a Queen to embody this regal duo within you.
Create a beautiful altar with offerings of flowers, pomegranates for Scorpio, sensual incense and delicious sweets, chocolates of course, to feed these GODDESSES and yourself after the ritual.
Call upon VENUS, the Goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, luxury, and romance. In SCORPIO, Venus brings the gifts of tantric sexuality, soul deep transformation, the ability to attract your own desires, focused will power and regeneration.
Light two candles-a blue one for Juno and a black or green one for Venus.
Call these two goddesses to come to you, Offer them the fruits and chocolates.Then call upon JUNO to help you tap into your own Feminine Wisdom. You may feel insecure about owning your own smarts. Call upon SOPHIA another variation on the Feminine Principle of wisdom.
Ask to have Juno’s ability to see in all directions at once. To know your own brand of genius. The word genius and genie stem from the same source. Be your own genie in a bottle. Grant your own wishes.
Honor your gifts as a woman to stand up for your own way of being and feelings in the world from a uniquely feminine deep soul womb energy.
Send your prayers to the Goddess to bring your sexuality into full power, to bless your womb with health, to honor your own genius. If you wish to dedicate yourself to a committed partnership or marriage this is what you ask for. You need to feel worthy, balanced, strong, and courageous enough to go through the transformative soul love of a true union.
Sit in meditation or spontaneously dance to the Goddess. Wait till you feel a connection, a shiver up your spine, a feeling of ecstasy and freedom. Each woman feels her own connection to the Divine within in her own way. You may feel the Goddess bring you a spontaneous orgasm, releasing Kundalini energy. Trust, have faith. Your sincere offerings intentions and prayers will be answered.
If you would like to work with JUNO and VENUS’s energies in your own Natal Birth Chart or to have help with any relationship issues. I would be honored to assist you in discovering your own Genius and Beauty. Please go to

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Divining with crystals and pendulums media psychic Tara Greene

Very Positive Relationship stuff, astrology

10/5/16  MOON enters Sagittarius in the wee hours.
Sagittarius energy is optimistic, sporty. Toronto is a SAGITTARIUS city, home to  the most diverse immigrant population in any one city in the world.  Toronto, where I live, most of the time, is a huge sports town.  Last night, The Blue Jays played a Wild Card game to beat the Baltimore Orioles at home to go on to play in the ALDS under a fight to the death Scorpio MOON.
It was a tense game, 2-2 into 11 innings. I had been thinking about the Jays all day. My husband was asking me why I was talking about the game. He is total nonsports fan of all kinds. My Dad was an amateur pitcher in Toronto, and my ex-husband and my son Elijah are huge baseball fans, both watching and playing. But it was one of the things I bonded with my dad with.  
I usually use my Herkimer Diamond crystal and new brass pendulum to get answers for these types of sports, yes/ no questions. This is called dowsing. 
I couldn’t get a clear answer all day. I kept checking the scores. I sent this tweet #WILDCARD #BlueJays @ 11:21 pm EDT Go #Jays sending you a home run. At 11:37 PM Edwin Encarnacion hit a homer. Thank U
Everybody is happy in Toronto tonight.
SAGE Moon sextiles JUPITER, the planetary ruler in the afternoon @ 5+ degrees Sag/Libra
This is sweetly positive for all FIRE Signs ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS especially. If you have planets at 3-7 degrees  of Sagittarius,  this is a big ticket for you.
Another sweet very seductive kiss from Scorching hot Venus in Scorpio to The Plutocrat with all the power. Perhaps some mistress secrets will be in the news?  Women are affected most by this aspect. plot your path t career success and empower yourself.
This is a strong day for the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th signs
Now we hear from the opposite sex. MARS in Capricorn is also very Scorpionic as it rules Sexy Scorpio too. This indicates power plays, emergency diplomacymeasures and very diplomatic energy. Governments are trying to lay a foundation for balancing out the economy and the spread of money and power.
On a personal level, this aspect brings socializing for business and enjoyable conversations which might be a bit light, skirting around the real serious issues. Yes get down to some fun Sagittarius business.
If you have planets at 1-11 degrees LIBRA ARIES CAPRICORN or CANCER
You are affected the strongest. Mars in Capricorn wants career success and power and will push whatever buttons it takes to get there.
The Fiery Sagittarius Moon squares NEPTUNE in PISCES
This is a PEACE LOVE FUN inspiring fiery,optimistic philosophical energy. Dream of publishing a book, traveling, taking a new course, teaching, connecting psychically with your pets, having adventurous dreams. Work on remembering past lives where you were a pirate, judge, teacher, spiritual leader, or martyr before.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Black Moon Magic rituals to transform your life

The Black, Dark, New Moon in LIBRA brings us deeply magical energies to make magic with for transformation and growth. 
Black or Dark Moons occur when there are two New Moons in one calendar month. They occur every couple of years.  Not so RARE as all the silly web grabbing gobbledygook headlines purport. 
In fact, it is only a BLACK moon if you live in specific time zones like PDT or EDT. The New Moon occurs October 1st @ 12:11 am GMT making this just an ordinary New Moon for a great deal of the world. 
EAST of Greenwich there is a DARK MOON where I live in EDT so for us folks in these times zones lets look at what this particular New Moon offers. 
The Black or DARK Moon is ruled by the Dark Feminine Goddesses, like LILITH, HEKATE, KALI and ERIS. This is a time to examine, talk about and learn from our deepest darkest secrets and shadows in our intimate relationships.
The SUN, Moon, and JUPITER are in a triple conjunction, making this a very positive time for connecting with new people, expanding the love quotient in an existing relationship and being  extremely social. This is all well and good. 
PLUTO is squaring the SUN and MOON 
The essential self and our emotions are what still need to be transformed and ensouled. 
SUN + MOON are inconjunct to NEPTUNE and the SOUTH NODE
"Those who cannot remember their pasts are bound to repeat the same mistakes. " This is a very apt lesson and warning for everything going on right now, in all aspects of our lives. Think about your patterns, where you have failed, didn't listen to your intuition, failed to see the consequences. That is what to use this New Moon energy for. 
NEPTUNE is oil and the NO DAP Indigenous protests gathered the largest number of different tribes together recently to attempt to block a pipeline going through their ancestral burial grounds and to stop possible future spillage and environmental degradation. Those lands were just sold out from under the indigenous peoples and ruthlessly the companies responsible are suing 40 people who are "obstructing" their raping of the land. This makes me feel so heartsick. We were all so positive, there was national coverage of this, the government agreed to stop a section of this. Only to now have indigenous peoples hauled out of their protest area by army trucks just like in Tiananmen square.  We do not need to use oil anymore. There are alternatives to provide clean, cheap, safe resources for energy. The oiligarchy must be stopped. 
Planet MARS is in early Capricorn squaring the threesome. 
There is a conservative reticence to express emotions by men under this aspect. It stifles feelings, because Mars in Capricorn is all business and hard facts.
Planet VENUS is in Sexy SCORPIO in a threesome with the darkest Goddess of all LILITH and JUNO the Feminine form of Genius. 
This is an entirely other kettle of fish, the metaphor is intended.
VENUS is exactly trining Neptune in PISCES 
The likelihood of getting seduced or seducing someone using Lilith's seductive ways and Juno in SCORPIO's X-Ray vision to detect secrets along with her amazing genius is very high.  Be careful of not getting drugged at a party or drinking too much or falling for the delusion of the perfect soul mate at this NEW MOON. NEPTUNE Is conjunct to the SOUTH NODE so there
NEPTUNE is conjunct to the SOUTH NODE in PISCES
There is past life issues, psychic attacks,  karma and debts to be settled now. 
Even though Saturn and NEPTUNE are separating from their square, the blow back, and aftershocks must be dealt with now as Saturn is also Squaring the North and South Nodes. 
Retribution, restitution, maturity, hard work, patience, reality, aging, consequences are all important issues now. MAKE IT REAL is all you have to remember. 
MERCURY is inconjunct to URANUS and ERIS in ARIES
Mercury in VIRGO also helps us to think about the earth,our environment and how modern technology is still destroying it. These energies can produce nasty surprising shocks. ERIS is the outsider, the troublemaker, the shit disturber, one who is not afraid to confront the system. Donald Trump is in some ways that person personified in his weird conservative way. 
HEKATE is the Goddess of the crossroads.  She is a magical Goddess, governing storms, night, dreams, ghosts, spirits, wild animals, witchcraft, sorcery, poisonous plants, and recycling. Offering are made to her at triple crossroads during a Dark moon.  Hekate can see into all the worlds at once, she is a guardian of the Twilight, between the spirit and physical world. She is known as the MOTHER OF ANGELS, Saviour and COSMIC WORLD SOUL.  Hekate also rescued PERSEPHONE from the Underworld. PLUTO's realm.  Garlic is offered to her. She also rules over a number of other plants often poisonous, medicinal and/or psychoactive plants.  ACONITE, wolfsbane, or monkshood, is also a homeopathic remedy, belladonna- used to raise a fever, a hallucinogenic, dittany and mandrake, also hallucinogenic and used by Wiccans and druids in ancient cultures. 
At 3 degrees GEMINI, she is squaring the Karmic Nodal axis and opposing SATURN in SAGITTARIUS forming a MUTABLE GRAND CROSS 
Note the number 3 symbol. 
Kali Astrology mythology Tara Greene
Asteroid KAALI is the Black Goddess of Death and REBIRTH @ 21degrees LIBRA 
KALI is the great DARK Blue/Black Goddess who destroys the ego. She is fearsomely destructive but for a good reason. Her position at 21+ degrees LIBRA is opposite URANUS and ERIS another neglected Goddess.They are also in a Cardinal T-square to PLUTO. 
This energy is like an atomic bomb ready to ignite. The ignored Divine Feminine's dark side is about to go ballistic. These dark Goddesses act to protect the sacred feminine, the earth Herself, women, animals, and all Feminine values and qualities of love, nurturing, nourishment,protecting, and life itself. 
We need to call upon and Honor these dark Goddesses so that we may act as their go-betweens. 
I would set up a triune altar. Think about three roads or options. Offer garlic cloves and teas or herbs from those
For HEKATE, offer garlic cloves, teas or herbs from those mentionsed as sacred to her. 
For KALI, offer knives, red hibiscus flowers, a yoni symbol, and a lingam, a phallic symbol, and red wine. 
For LILITH, offer red wine, sexual fluids or saliva, and most especially menstrual blood if you are bleeding on the New Moon. Use red flowers roses, or red carnations. All black or red gemstones, onyx, mahogany obsidian, hematite, apache tears, dark smokey quartz, jet, black tourmaline, obsidian, red jasper, carnelian, bloodstone, ruby, dark blue or black sapphire, star diopside. 
These three Goddesses respond to all black or red gemstones, onyx, mahogany obsidian, hematite, apache tears, dark smokey quartz, jet, black tourmaline, obsidian, red jasper, carnelian, bloodstone, ruby, dark blue or black sapphire, star diopside. 
 Smudge before beginning your dark moon ritual. Call in the four directions and elements clockwise direction from east to south, west, and north. Sit within your circle, light three candles, red, black,and dark blue or dark purple.  Put your offerings onto the altar. Offer them to the Goddesses. Call their names out loud; Hekate, Kali, LILITH and ERIS come to me in this circle at the DARK MOON. 
Ask them to help you bring balance into your life, your loves and into the world. Ask how you can be an agent of change for the better, for peace, harmony. and love. Ask how you can find it in yourself first. 
Sit as long as you need. When you feel complete. Close the circle, thank and release the 4 elements, spirits, Goddesses and directions into their directions with gratitude, Drink the wine  and ponder further. Write notes, draw or record what you felt. Ask the Goddess to keep working with you in your dreams for three days. 
Try it, these are powerful Goddesses, if you ask for change, be prepared to act. This is the time of new beginning and balance. We all need to be part of the balancing act.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 
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Don't panic.There are 12 Zodiac signs, that NASA story is all crap.Astrologer Tara Greene explains.

This recycled from 2011, misleading and blatant lying article about the 13th sign of Astrology is being revived again. The latest variation on the scientific public put down of Astrology came from a kids page of NASA- see link below.  

NASA is about ASTRONOMY, it knows shit about real 12,000 year old ASTROLOGY. This article is blatantly misleading. NASA has not done its due diligence about this. It was even covered in TIME  with even more lies. The ASTROLOGY community was never rocked in 2011 as they weren’t rocked when a few astronomers downgraded PLUTO from a planet. All Astrologers LOL when we see these articles because they understand how to work with and interpret the planets and signs. 

ASTRONOMERS should stick to what they do best. 
ASTROLOGY is having its biggest acceptance, come back and breakthroughs since the RENAISSANCE when the planets  were also aligned in the same positions as 500 years ago.  I think NASA is threatened. 

NASA is great for what it does, scientific research with the stars and planets. Astronomers  are way too arrogant and ignorant to do the research into the ancient origins of Astrology. Geez, these astronomers can’t even get their terminology correct! 

Astrology is actually a legal science in INDIA where almost 1 billion people follow their SIDEREAL constellation based horoscopes religiously. This most ancient of Astrology has 12 signs. It’s a different system than popular Western TROPICAL Astrology signs.  This one actually works with planets against the stars in real time. China has its own system of Astrology based on the 12 animals of the ZOODiac. I gues 2 billion out of 7 can't be wrong could they? 

Astrology and Astronomy were once part of the same science which also included doctoring. Each of the signs governs a different part of the body.
 Astrology signs and medicine Tara Greene
As far as we know the oldest recorded astrology comes from INDIA and is 12,000  years old and written about in their ancient scriptures.  Astrology/Astronomy is referenced all through the Bible very literally. In Judaism, the 12 tribes are the 12 constellations/signs. Jesus is the Light= the SUN. Mary his Mother= the Moon.  The 12 Apostles are the 12 Constellations and Zodiac signs. In Buddhism, the King’s astrologer predicted at Prince Gautama’s birth that he would be either a saviour or a great King.  All Royal courts had Astrologers who consulted for the King, Emperor, Sultan or Queen.  Elizabeth I has a well-known court Astrologer, John Dee. 

Constellations are the origins of astrology signs but Astrology is divided into 12 ZODIAC signs of 30 degrees each making 360 degrees in a circle.  There are twelve months in the year in most modern calendars. The West uses Solar based, not Lunar based calendars as the Chinese, Jews, Muslims, Japanese and Hindu’s do for religious observations. The Mayans used a different calendrical system entirely and it was the most precise to modern reconning. But we won’t get into that now. 

The Ancient watched the Heavens since the beginning of human consciousness for thousands of years. We know innately that we come from the cosmos, that our home, heaven, or source is out there.

Following the Sun’s apparent path on the ecliptic, 12 constellations straddle that path. The 13th constellation, Ophiuchus is not entirely on the ecliptic so it was left out. There were 88 known and used constellations in the Ancient world. The constellations themselves vary in size widely. The Sun spends the longest time passing against the largest constellation of Virgo.

Yes, the Sun passes through the CONSTELLATION OPHIUCUS the serpent bearer, from November 29th- my Birthday -until December 17.  I would refer to myself as a SAGITTARIUS with strong connection to the Constellation Ophiucus and honor both. Ancient Astrology also used the FIXED STARS of the Constellations and I do include these to,interpreted through Western Astrology.  But Western Tropical Astrology is not sidereal based on CONSTELLATIONS at all but on the relationship of the SUN to the earth and our seasons. 
Yes at one time 2,160 years ago when Spring began in the northern Hemisphere, the sun arrived at zero degrees of the Constellation of ARIES.  Everything was perfectly lined up. But because of the PROCESSION of the EQUINOXES, the natural movement of the Constellations backwards through the signs once every 2,160 years, the Sun and the constellations have drifted apart. This was known in the Ancient world. A wonderful book was written about it called Hamlet’s Mill in the 1960’s. The SUN and the planets are actually about 23 degrees earlier than the Tropical signs now due to that procession. This is why NASA says no you are not a LEO your sign is really CANCER. Astrologers know this but it is irrelevant. 

This is what the ASTRONOMERS do not comprehend. Astrology does work, it works in traditional Vedic astrology, which marks the Sun, Moon and planets, Rahu and Ketu against the current Zodiacal constellations. Western Astrology also works but it is a much more symbolic, psychological, modern system which perfectly suits our times.

Statistics have shown that the influence of the Sun in the signs of the Zodiac accounts for the birth of unusual people during certain months. Insurance companies have done studies on this. It is well known that Full Moons affect people. Certain crimes have been found to correspond with zodiac signs in which the sun is moving during certain months of the year.

There are 24 hours in a day. Therefore it’s really pretty simple math to figure out why there is only and can ever be only 12 zodiac signs. So relax, you are not having to change your personality, likes, dating habits or anything. Sorry ASTRONOMERS you don’t know shit about astrology. We respect you, so have some respect for our craft.

Billions of people trust Astrology every day. I am proud to be an Astrologer and to be part of a growing team of qualified professionals whose intentions are to help every individual understand themselves psychologically, spiritually and practically and to understand life’s cycles as signified by the planets’ ever changing dance in the cosmos.

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