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Psychic Tara Greene 2017 world predictions, Celebrity, Economy and more

2017 Psychic crystal ball world predictions by Tara Greene 
I am using Astrology, and my psychic guides to predict what may happen in 2017.
I don’t like to do hundreds of scattershot predictions like many other famous psychics do. To me that is a cheap shot as the more predictions the more likelihood they can have as being right. I prefer to talk about what comes to me and what feels the most important.
The energies of 2017 will continue to be chaotic is the new norm. Protests and revolutions will be going on in the U.S. and everywhere else too.  Protesting is the new “job.”  2017 is  a prelude to bring us closer to major crises in the world which are building over for the next three years. People don’t want corporate control anymore. The populous is waking up and will continue to awaken in 2017.
In Numerology it is a #1 year.  Called the Magician in the Tarot, is about communication and being self-empowered. People will be marching to protect what is sacred to them as the indigenous peoples are doing in North Dakota. This is the new normal. It is like the 60’s all over again. There will be a continued backlash to liberalism building politically with many people returning to pagan, heathen, anti-organized religions and atheist sentiments and building small sustainable communities of shared interests, which contribute back.
The population in the world has woken up to corporate greed, the 1% who control and they are making a last ditch attempt to get free. Relaxed marijuana laws which are being passed keep citizens passive in the U.S. and Canada which is not a good thing as it makes people too passive and easier to control.
POLITICALLY we are going right wing. People are against allowing refuges and Muslim immigrants into most countries en masse. The feeling is entrenching back into one own safe secure world.  The Syrian refugee crisis will still need to be contended with as it will take years to rebuild that country.
There will be many Strange bedfellows and allies in politics which we haven’t seen before. There will be a lot of political name calling and hissy fits. Negotiating is the mode of 2017.
Robotics will take over many jobs and there will be much retraining going on. Universal pay will begin to be instated in many countries to keep unemployment down.
Even though the market is set to go to a new high in the U.S. Interests rates will slowly rise and there will be harder economic times for the lower classes. Economics will be in more of a recessionary belt-tightening phase worldwide.  There is still an economic crash with debt being unable to falsely cap any longer.  learn to live with less. Pay off all debts.
P.M. Trudeau’s honeymoon phase is over. He has rescinded on Native treaties and promises he has made. Canada’s Increasing problems with declining health standards need to be addressed.
ECONOMYThe Saudi ruler ship will be sanctioned. Oil prices will rise but the SAUDIS will be in hot water for meddling into U.S. politics and of war crimes in YEMEN.
We have entered a new legal, educational and foreign policy era which is way more restricting and much less liberal than it has been. Refugees will be limited and subjugated to very rigorous tests to enter and settle in any foreign or E.U. country. Religious tolerance for Muslims is shrinking. Muslims and refugees may be rounded up and put into FEMA camps in the U.S. and deported.
Traveling in general will be more limited and plane crashes will be high. Danger of terrorist attack is also high as the 9/11 energies are being reignited by the planets. This year’s energies are similar to the times between November 1985- 86. This was the Reaganonomic years. The U.S. economy boomed and interest rates went sky high, oil prices dropped.  Interest rates won’t get to 20% but interest rates are rising.
All Countries and cities with Sagittarius strong in their charts by sun or Ascendant or other aspects will be strongly tested in 2016. Such as Toronto, Spain, Lebanon, Yemen, Mongolia.
Donald Trump will be dodging bullets every step of the way from major media, Democrats and human rights groups. There will be daily protests against his policies. U.S. foreign policy is changing with America retreating and closing military bases and not supporting other countries.  Women especially will be marching against anti-abortion and other restrictive laws of creationism, celibacy, anti-science, and Biblical studies in public schools. Gays and the LGBT community will also be mobilized against Trump’s Christian fundamentalism.
There will be a very difficult time for TRUMP
in August he may be killed, have a heart attack or be impeached as an eclipse falls right on his Ascendant in Leo and these always are ancient harbingers of Leaders’ deaths. Trump was also born on an eclipse.
The Constitution itself may be amended. Trump will rewrite everything that President Obama made law in the last 8 years. A new ultra-conservative energy will send everything backwards 50 years. Revolution is fomenting in the U.S.
This may be a quieter year for major attacks but there will more harder to detect attacks with trucks, buses being run off roads and crashed. Hatchet, arrow, hammer, cross-bow attacks.  There will be a few major attacks again in London, Paris, and  planes being hijacked and disappearing in March and April.Danger of viral or gas attacks.
The E.U.
The BREXIT if it is allowed to happen in spite of lawyers and officials still attempting to pull strings. It is the beginning of the E.U. falling apart. Greece, Italy and Spain may default, their economies in ruins. The refugee crisis will continue to destabilize the economy which will be chaotic.
Merkel will be ousted.
Will be in conflict with the U.S. as Trump hits back and places huge tariffs onto China. The problem is it owns billions of dollars of the U.S. debt. Its economy will be quite unstable this year. Internal revolutionary energies continue. China will go into a depression this year after years of maximum growth.
Will be under investigation. The U.S. and Russia could lay all the cold war fears to rest as the Trump government only wants to do good business. Its involvement in Syria is a power ploy around controlling the Oil.  Rebuilding Syria will make many Russians super billionaires.
Vladimir Putin
He is definitely holding more power on the world’s stage. The U.S. will be on the rampage against him. He will be seen as the strongest leader in the world.
Will take a long time to find stability.  It’s not over yet.  Thousands of refugees will return to their homeland which will ease the tension in Europe a bit
Will be under fire. Saturn will limit their oil trade big time. This could be a huge fall in the countries power.
Has opened relations with Russia. Their economy is still in recession. There will be more earthquakes which will bring future fears around Fukushima which has still not been capped.

It will be another year of extreme weather. Colder than normal in the U.S. and most of Canada which already began early this year and will continue until late April. But warmer than normal in extreme north latitudes. It could the warmest year in the Arctic and Antarctic ever recorded. We are beginning a mini-ice age this year. So prepare now. This has nothing to do with man mad global warming and pollution. It must do with the Sun’s low cycle itself.
 in Europe, India, central America, Indonesia, Hawaii, China and the entire ring of Fire. There will be major food shortages, continued droughts in California and Arizona an, forest fires in the drier West. Summer will be very hot throughout Europe. Torrential flooding will also hit Toronto in spring and summer.
MONSANTO now owned by Bayer will so see their powers limited.
Battle between the old guard scientists, archeologists, researchers and new irrefutable evidence that will change the old order of reality. Trump is anti-science and anti-environmental which will be disastrous for the earth with pollution levels and destruction of natural habitats and animals. 
ARIES, LEO, LIBRA, SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS and PISCES are the featured signs this year.
GEMINI and Cancer also feel the pressure.
PISCES, VIRGO GEMINI And SAGITTARIUS experience the most afflictions to their health this year. There will be very difficult to get over strains of flues and viruses this year.  
LEONARD COHEN Will be awarded a Nobel Laureate in Literature posthumously
Prince Harry
As I predicted last year that “Harry will meet a commoner in another country and fall very fast. She could be the One.”  An engagement may be happening with Meaghan Merkle.
There are some good and some bad things coming their way. They are heavily invested in each other. They will just grow up and get more mature. Kanye may need long-term psychological counseling. They may decide to have a surrogate mother deliver another child for them later in the year.
Taylor Swift
A Lunar Eclipse on August 7th creates powerful karma in Taylor’s life. She could be meeting the One and decide to tie the knot. May start acting in film. She will be involved in a major scandal with an ex which will further tarnish her “good girl” image.
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez
So happy to be parents, the get pregnant again and will have a boy.
Miley Cyrus
She is maturing a lot. She may make a major film. She is ready to get married.
Justin Bieber
More legal troubles. He will fall in love big time sometime in the summer. Watch for a paternity suit as he could become a dad.
Will have another very creative year and may give birth to a second child.
Bam Feb 10 Lunar eclipse is like cupid’s arrow. She decided to get hitched up with someone much older than her film director Darren Aronovsky.
Another style change for her. A new serious romance in the fall. She must be careful of a serious car accident in December.

George and Amal Clooney
He is going to enter politics. I can see him running for Democratic Senator or higher in 2020. They may have a terrorist attack at one of their homes.
The Lunar eclipse of Feb 10 hits Ben hard. He may be going through a difficult depression at the beginning of 2017 but will get back together with not yet ex-wife Jennifer at the end of the year.
May try to commit suicide. He is incredibly depressed about Angelina taking his children away from him and leaving him alone. He may be able take a break from Hollywood and volunteer his time to help refugee children and create major fundraising.
BIG serious soul mate romance. Someone very different than all the women he has been dating. His music will get spiritual. May also become a daddy this year. His mother, who he is very close to may have health problems.
Robert Pattinson may get some Hollywood serious box office success. And marries FKA Twigs. She may be pregnant by years end.
BRADLEY COOPER –Marries Irena Shayk
Jack Nicholson, HUGH JACKMAN, Betty White
John Depp –May need to go to rehab for alcohol and drugs.
PAUL McCartney –viral infection in his lungs. He may be hospitalized.
MAGICIAN CHRIS ANGEL  -Danger from a trick that goes wrong later in 2017.
Jack Black, Kate Hudson, Andrew Loog Oldham,
BONO of U2-may have heart attack. Ringo Starr-heart attack or stroke.
ROBERT DOWNEY Jr. may have a nasty fall or break a leg,
Dalai Lama, -another health scare. Joni Mitchell still must be careful.
There were so many famous celebrity deaths in 2016. Its not like people are going to stop dying because we are upset about it. 
DEATHS  –Jerry Lewis, 
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Gemini Super Moon of healing the split

Gemini Super a complex Super Moon. It is the last of three and the last Full Moon of 2016. At 22+ degrees Gemini, the moon is opposite and connected with the fiery optimistic, Sagittarius SUN. The Sagittarius Sun brings truth, justice, optimism, passion, adventure, and we bring these qualities with us to this Full Moon. The SAGE SUN is very Sage right now as it is conjunct to serious, karmic planet of maturity and limitations, SATURN. The Sun-Saturn combo are insisting that Gemini’s, especially a certain one who was recently elected to be the next President of the United States, get serious and take the consequences. 

Donald Trump’s SUN is exactly opposite this Full Moon and the Moon is exactly conjunct his natal Moon. Donald was born on a Total Lunar Eclipse at 23+ degrees Sagittarius so this Full Moon has come full circle for him and Saturn is asking that he grows up and acts his age. This is a sobering wake up to all Gemini’s.
GEMINI is the sign associated with The LOVERS in the TAROT 
The Lovers, The Wild Unknown Tarot, Tara Greene,
The Wild Unknown Tarot
This may be a time of great vulnerability for Trump and for all of us as Chiron the WOUNDED HEALER squares the Sun and Moon. Chiron brings out our vulnerabilities. This is where we may erroneously create the biggest defenses, bandages, denial, escapism, distraction and addictions to cover the hurt contained in these collective wounds. The covering of the wound with drugs will never heal it but only allows the wounds to grow bigger. We must look at our collective Oneness in order to heal. 
Gemini is a sign of duality and everything contains its opposite in order to be balanced and whole. Gemini is the Yin/Yang sign of the Zodiac, much like the sign of Libra. All the Air signs contain this element of duality. 
Gemini is governed by planet MERCURY which is right now OUT OF BOUNDS, it is in its wild phase and it is slowing down to turn Retrograde for the 4th time this year on December 19th.  This brings a very UNKNOWN quality to what is being completed now. I know there is a famous Tarot Deck called the Wild Unknown. 
Speaking of unknowns, planet URANUS + Ceres + ERIS dwarf planet of Disturbances are all aligned in ARIES and are sextiling the MOON in GEMINI. All of this group is creating a YOD or finger of GOD to LILITH in SCORPIO where she is very strong as she governs SCORPIO, of sex, death, rebirth, power and control, secrets and ruthlessness. 
Lilith the Goddess of death, Tarot Tara Greene
LILITH by John Collier 1892
So a certain Gemini will be feeling the scrutiny of some karmic wild crazy unknown LILITH as Destroyer energy by women collectively for being rejected for asking for equality.  I say YAY to that. LILITH is like KALI and Hell hath no fury like a powerful woman who is rejected because of conceit, arrogance, and hubris, not to mention narcissism.
MERCURY in CAPRICORN is being sextiled by the planet of illusions, delusions, scams, oil, false promises, addictions, martyrs and spirituality, NEPTUNE in PISCES which makes it even harder to fathom WTF is going on. Neptune is conjunct the SOUTH NODE, the past, what we need to let go of.  The continued false promises about the DAP from the ETP and the indigenous water protectors who are still camped out fighting against the continued drilling even though the President and other government organizations ordered it to stop are part of this. These two planets are inconjunct or in a YOD or FINGER OF GOD to VESTA at 5 degrees LEO which is also conjunct to Trump’s PLUTO at 10 degrees LEO in his Natal 12th house of secrets and self-undoing. Very interesting. Something seems to be
These two planets are inconjunct or in a YOD or FINGER OF GOD to VESTA at 5 degrees LEO which is also conjunct to Trump’s PLUTO at 10 degrees LEO in his Natal 12th house of secrets and self-undoing. Very interesting. Something seems to be unraveling here.
GRAND AIR TRINE at this lunation
JUPITER in LIBRA is trining the GEMINI Moon and MARS conjunct ATHENA in AQUARIUS at 25+ 26 degrees respectively. Trines are beneficial but you must be very careful as Jupiter exacerbates the flip-floppiness and being too superficial. Mars in Aquarius is very revolutionary and goes against traditions and Gemini is also famous for being two faced. These degrees are also opposite to Mr. Trump’s Natal Mars at 26 degrees of LEO.  He may be all puffed up and hopping mad. Look for news of Greece having another major financial or cultural break down soon. 
VENUS in AQUARIUS at 7 degrees is inconjunct the NORTH NODE in VIRGO at 7 degrees. Women are in revolt mode to being put back into the servant of men roles. Venus and North Node are inconjunct to Trump’s natal MERCURY at 8 degrees of  CANCER making it a finger of God to women. There will be a WOMENS MARCH on WASHINGTON the day after Trump’s inauguration where they will give him the finger.
There are doubts that he will even be inaugurated as the Electoral College has to decide this on December 19 whether to actually allow Trump to take office. MERCURY turns Retrograde from a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn squaring Jupiter in Libra and opposing Uranus in ARIES. Which is all about….
Can you spell Revolution? Recount? Rescind? Rejection?
Remember the wild unknown yawns before all of us now not just in the U.S. This is the liminal time, a time of fog, of unexpected chaos, nothing solid to hold onto, a time of division, blaming others, acting childish, and immature under this Full Moon.
Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st with a Retrograde Mercury @ 5:44 am EST in Washington D.C.  I will write separately about that.
At the last Full Moon, it’s a good time to look back on 2016. It has been a difficult strained, and fractious year with BREXIT and a total upheaval from the U.S. election. It has been a sad year as many great musicians and celebrities who passed away. David Bowie, Prince, Leonard Cohen, John Glenn, Greg Lake, Janet Reno, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Gato Barbieri, and many others. 
Spend time at the Full Moon reflecting on what has been completed in your life. We are also completing a 9-year cycle, so bring whatever you need to a close. 
There will be a CAPRICORN NEW Moon December 28 and 2017 begins with a Retrograde Mercury.  Stay optimistic, these are Mutable times. Stay Mercurial. We are also entering a #1 year in 2017 which is the Magician. 
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Standing Rock Forgiveness, Pleiadian, Karma astrology by Tara Greene

Standing Rock Forgiveness Ceremony, Amazing karmic timing

Now this is really amazing. American war Veterans kneel and beg forgiveness of indigenous native Americans in a forgiveness ceremony at Standing Rock North Dakota, Dec 5, 2016 . Wes Clark Jr., the son of retired U.S. Army general and former supreme commander at NATO, Wesley Clark Sr. said the following words before Lakota chief Leonard Crow Dog. Salon published the words of Wes Clark Jr.

Veterans beg forgiveness of Natives at Standing Rock
Gen. Wesley Clark Jr., middle, and other veterans kneel in front of Leonard Crow Dog during a forgiveness ceremony at the Four Prairie Knights Casino & Resort on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation on Monday, Dec. 5, 2016.

“Many of us, me particularly, are from the units that have hurt you over the many years. We came. We fought you. We took your land. We signed treaties that we broke. We stole minerals from your sacred hills. We blasted the face of our presidents onto your sacred mountain. When we took still more land and then we took your children and then we tried to make your language and we tried to eliminate your language that God gave you, and the Creator gave you. We didn’t respect you, we polluted your Earth, we’ve hurt you in so many ways but we’ve come to say that we are sorry. We are at your service and we beg for your forgiveness.”
Now this is the biggest most powerful sign that spiritual and planetary karma is real. Neptune, the planet that governs spirituality, oil, addictions, illusions, forgiveness, water, compassion and martyrs, has been in square to Saturn planet of reality karma and testing for most of 2016. The eclipse in September was involved and the Nodes of the moon, the highest spiritual goal is in Virgo the sign of the environment and the harvest, is opposite planet Neptune. Chiron the wounded healer is involved in this as well in Pisces. This couldn’t be more illustrative of the highest possible manifestation of these planetary aspects. So wonderful, my heart is full. Thank you great spirit. 
Wesley wore an old Cavalry Uniform reminding us of the Wounded Knee Massacre which occurred December 29, 1890 in South Dakota on the Lakota people’s lands.  There is some amazing karmic alignments with this chart.
Transits to Wounded Knee Massacre and Forgiveness Ceremony 
Standing Rock forgiveness karmic astrology 
The Sun at 13 degrees Sagittarius is conjunct to W.K. SOUTH NODE which is connected to the Great Attractor at 14 degrees Sagittarius. Saturn has been activating this point for months now.
Saturn is at 18 degrees SAGITTARIUS also conjunct the South Node karmic past ghost of that terrible event which was created partly as a result of the Ghost Dance.
Saturn is exactly square where Saturn was in Virgo in 1890.-karmic adjustment.
NEPTUNE at 9 degrees PISCES is exactly where MARS was at 1890 W.K. You could see this coming if you had studied this chart. What was war and aggression, a false belief system about native people’s religions, lies and deceit by white people has been turned by Neptune into a modern-day spiritual prayer and a battle for oil and water rights which Neptune rules. 
JUPITER at 17 degrees LIBRA is sextiling that South Node and Trining the North NODE indicating PEACE talks and non-violent demonstrations are the way to go. 
Venus, which rules women, money, values now also joins up with the Wounded Knee charts’ Mercury at 27 degrees CAPRICORN. Women have been leaders of the NoDAP. That Mercury degree is conjunct to the Sibley US natal Pluto position. 
VENUS is exactly on the U.S. Natal PLUTO in Capricorn. The Energy Transfer Partnerships and Sunoco have issued a statement after the Army engineers won’t allow further building that they intend to carry on. They are PLUTOCRATS.  Read what ETP and SUNOCO have to say.-link below
Remember the U.S. will have its first PLUTO return which is comin’ at ya over the next 5-6 years. 
I wept when I heard what Wes Clark Jr. said as he bowed and received forgiveness. It was so beautiful. The Lakota chief said Peace on Earth three times. 
The Lakota and many other indigenous tribes say that they are descendants of the Pleiades Star System. Many indigenous people’s claim their star elders came from there including the Mayans and the Egyptians.
This is also very interesting as the Pleiadians are very highy evolved and very feminine and many channels work with them.
Take this as a sign that the 7 sisters and much higher dimensional beings are guiding and protecting us, no matter how dark it looks. Have faith, be positive. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene.
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Kanye West health issues diagnosed with Astrology

What is up with Kanye? Is he having a mental breakdown? What do the stars have to say about this?  Kanye was hospitalized November 21 for “extreme exhaustion” following a string of onstage concert rants and then canceling his entire Life of Pablo tour. The rapper, husband of Kim Kardashian just spent more than a week at UCLA Medical Center before being released on Wednesday, November 30.  
Kanye West astrology of a genius? Tara Greene
First of all KANYE is a GEMINI, he has a split personality anyways. The black/white, arrogant/insecure man/boy will always be there to some degree. 
A psychologist, Dr. Rahel Kitson has done a psychological perspective on Kanye
“Dialectical Thinking:  Holding two opposing points of view, both of which can be valid and consist of some truth.  How does Kanye do this?  He simultaneously rejects and worships fame.  He is an ascetic materialist, striving to be relatable to the common man, but also claiming to be the Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan of music, on par with the son of god.” 
Kanye comes from a well to do educated, middle-class background.  He has no O.OB. planets. Kanye’s just a typical Gemini with expansive Jupiter conjunct his natal SUN opposite his very creative, delusional, spiritual Neptune SUN.  What’s Kanye’s Motto? “Just do it big.”  Sounds exactly like Donald Trump’s motto too, doesn’t it?
Let’s check out Kanye’s chart and current transits.
Kanye West astrology Tara Greene
Kanye West astrology chart and transits November 21, 2016
The first thing that pops out is that Kanye is having SATURN transiting OPPOSITE his Natal GEMINI SUN, something that only happens once every 28-29 years. He is half way through Saturn conjunct his Sun in another 14-15 years. Saturn is conjunct his NATAL NEPTUNE in SAGITTARIUS which can bring depression to anyone’s dreams and creativity. Saturn,Lord of karma limits,  matures, tests and brings ill health and hardship to everything he touches. Kim Kardashian was recently robbed at gunpoint in Paris and tied up, she feared for her life. Kanye was on tour in the U.S. This must be a very harrowing experience for both of them now and probably encourages the sense of paranoia.
Plus SATURN is squaring Kanye’s creative and artistic PISCES MOON in his 9th house ruled by his natal Neptune in Sagittarius. Saturn restrictions limits, brings depression, maturity, tiredness and exhaustion. So it makes sense that Kanye would be feeling exhausted.
SATURN square a Natal Pisces Moon adds a  whole other element. Someone born with the Moon in PISCES, is a big psychic sponge, very very sensitive, creative, artistic and very spiritual. PISCES, like the sign of the two fishes, can display genius characteristics and also the opposite spectrum, of mental illness, paranoia, schizophrenia, delusions of grandeur, and of being God or seeing God. He calls himself Yeezus.  Kanye exhibits narcissism, grandiosity and whether it’s an act, Pisces moon peeps are great actors and chameleons, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
The Moon is always one’s mother and no closer relationship ever exists in the world. Kanye, an only child, was very close to his mother who passed away on November 10, 2007, suddenly from a heart attack. Kanye probably carries guilt around his mother’s death. Saturn would be bringing up melancholy.
URANUS the planet of chaos, lightning fast reflexes, freedom, higher consciousness and revolution is sitting on Kanye’s South Node in ARIES at 22 degrees. Uranus is opposite his North Node in Libra which is disrupting his relationships and friendships-he’s been ranting about his former friends Beyonce and Jayzee. His marriage may go through a very rocky period and may even end. His sense of balance is off. 
PLUTO is also getting ready to cross a very important angle in anyone’s astrology chart the 7th house cusp,the D.C. or descendant, and oppose the Ascendant, the persona or mask we all wear.Pluto will cross the 18th degree of Capricorn in March and then Retrograde back a couple of degrees then move forwards again to 18 in December of 2017. 
Pluto will cross the 18th degree of Capricorn in March and then Retrograde back a couple of degrees then move forwards again to 18 in December of 2017.  Kanye’s soul will be laid bare for the whole world to see in the next two years. Pluto’s energy can be felt as very destructive, causing “deaths’ of many different kinds and rebirths. Pluto is one’s own personal shadows and unresolved psychological contents. If Kanye can get proper psychological help then he may be able to navigate this once in a lifetime transit. Mental breakdowns can also be very healing if the patient can be vulnerable and work through their old issues. This takes time and patience.
Potentially if Kanye is truly following his soul’s urgings then he may come out of this even stronger, more humble, creative and more whole. 
Time and lucky karma will tell. Modern pharmaceuticals may be prescribed to help block Kanye’s issues so that he can cope in a more “normal” spectrum. But these drugs only block and cannot heal the actual psychological and karmic issues and therefore create more karma on a spiritual level. I do not recommend them unless someone is seriously psychotic. There are alternative therapies and shamanic techniques, spiritual disciplines, changes in lifestyle and  bodywork  which can all bring wholeness.
Kanye is quite a creative man. He is the father of two young children The rigors of being famous which he has sought also carries a very high price. 
What do you think of the man and his work?
Read more of what the psychologist has to say
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Jane Fonda ~Support Standing Rock, STOP DAP NOW

Castro dies. Astrology of someone who survived 638 Assassination attempts

Fidel Castro died Nov. 25, 2016 at age 90. I know many people saw the irony that it was Black Friday the most consumerist, capitalist sales day in the U.S.  Thousands of Cuban ex-pats are celebrating in Florida. 
My family and I visited Cuba about 6 years ago. Canada has always had open relations with Cuba and it was mainly Canadian, European and South American tourists who have vacationed there since they opened to tourism and 49% foreign investments as a way to survive after the fall of Russia in the early 1990’s.  We are very aware of the communist suppression going on and the poverty yet compared to the illiteracy, total poverty, and the difficult feudal impoverished lives Cubans had pre-Revolution they seemed to be doing quite well. We found the Cubans to be quite amazing people, very proud with great spirits. The problem is with free education and health care they have no room to expand. Doctors made less money than those who worked in Hotels. There were police or security guards watching out for everything all the time.  Now there are cell phone and I don’t know what it is like since Americans have been allowed in freely. It felt like it was the safest place I had ever been.  We loved it. 
I was wondering what the astrology chart of a man who had single-handedly fought against America, and at such a close range, and then survived the collapse of Russia and had outlived 638 assassination attempts looked like. So here it is. 
Fidel Castro astrology Tara Greene
The great Communist leader and dictator would of course have to be a LEO, with JUPITER Retrograde in AQUARIUS expanding the higher ideals of the planet of revolution, freedom, and staunch-no backing down, opposite to his naturally the leader Sun. Mercury Retrograde in Leo too. Someone who brings REvolution and redistributes policies. NEPTUNE was also in LEO conjunct to VESTA and his SUN. CASTRO was an idealist, a dreamer, of redistributing the wealth.
Castro was the son of a wealthy landowner, and studied law before creating  a band of fellow revolutionaries to overthrow Batista, Cuba’s dictator who had extensive links to the American mafia and other business interests.
This is an accurate birth time and his Moon was in LIBRA the sign or rebalancing and justice. With Venus in Cancer and Mars in Taurus conjunct to Chiron, Castro really loved his Motherland. He felt her pain and the people’s suffering deeply. He was motivated by altruistic ideals. 
CASTRO’s GEMINI ASCENDANT at the last degree conjunct the POLE STAR
This gives anyone with this aspect incredible charisma, the natural leader, the hub of all. CAstro was an incredible speaker, a salesman who could charm and convince anyone. His speeches are legendary. He has the record for the longest modern speech ever, 7+ hours. He also had this dual nature. Some saw him as a proud papa leadership others his totalitarian dictator side. 
Scorpio is secrets, crime, the Mafia, laundered money, power, absolute control, stealth, the ability to analyze in great depth, death and rebirth. Castro survived 638 assassination attempts on his life through poisoning, exploding cigars by the CIA numerous times, the mafia,and ex-lovers. “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.”said Castro. A SUN in LEO Jupiter in AQUARIUS Saturn in SCORPIO T-square would certainly enable anyone to be so strong willed, so detached, so fearless, that they would be pretty much immortal and immune to anything that came at them. 
Also Castro had his NORTH NODE at 15 CANCER conjunct to SIRIUS the immortal and brightest star, conjunct to his NATAL PLUTO exact, squaring his MOON in LIBRA. This is such a KARMIC fated aspect. Very rarely do PLUTO and the NORTH NODE and SIRIUS connect. CASTRO definitely had the mark of being a significant world leader and life changer of millions of people. 
His VENUS in CANCER formed a GRAND WATER TRINE with SATURN in SCORPIO and URANUS in PISCES at 28+ degrees
Yes the grandfather of the Revolution for sure. ONe who wielded total power and control The iron fist in the kid glove.Even though millions of Cubans fled his totalitarian regime Castro brought social security, food, better life expectancy and infant mortality rates to his people. He really felt like he was the benefactor and Good father. URANUS in PISCES at the almost last degree of the Zodiac is very interesting. Indicating Castro was one of the last of his kind and almost completed his karmic incarnations in this lifetime. He was always a controversial figure. 
CASTRO’s death had been talked about for years. His health had been failing since 2008. At his death, it was a good death. Chiron in PISCES right on his MC, the place of worldly fame. The PLUTO- JUPITER- VENUS T-squares exactly on his North and South NODES.  Jupiter and the Moon right on his Natal Moon. He was going to a higher place and back to source which he came in from. An exalted death. Very regal. 
I am not condoning or putting him down. May he RIP. It will be interesting to see how his brother Raoul handles the country. With a recent opening with the U.S. the question is, with Trump vowing to shut down everything Obama did, will he close up the doors with Cuba? Or will Trump see this as a golden opportunity to put up some new hotels in Cuba?
May he RIP. History will tell. As he famously said himself “Condemn me it does not matter History will absolve me. “
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Beware phony psychics, spell-casters and curse removers.

Beware of fake astrologers and psychics and websites who use the same name as me. 
There are many if it still exists- I've complained about it many times at  its totally phony. 

This is me, Tara Greene I am a real person.

Taratheastrologer also no REAL person.
these and many more just like it and they are all FAKE HOAX SITES. I get requests for people thinking I am here a lot. 

I know the tara-medium and the other tara site were owned by a Chinese man who also ran about 40 others and had a huge advertising budget. There is no real person behind any of theses sites. I had a client send me the email you get back after filling out your birth data nd it was just a straightforward $300 Astrology software program which everyone receives- "for free." Then the phishing, the false promises, the "good luck" "candle lighting" and "prayers." and try to get your money refunded. My point is buyer beware.  Do your homework its easy to check up on who owns sites etc these days. 

Unfortunately naive superstitious people still think that some "psychic" or "astrologer" or "voodoo" practitioner or whatever will "bring you luck" "change your destiny" or "unite loved ones" or "remove curses" and all of that nonsense.  Those kinds of ideas are very naive, superstitious and disempowering, Never ever believe that anyone has the power to change your life authentically except You and you alone. If you are willing to believe that someone else can do that, well that's part of the problem right there. You live in fantasy land. 

Don't get fooled There is no instant fix, Although I do honor the pagan, shamanic, wiccan paths where rituals and ceremonies are made to help enforce intent, ultimately I don't believe that anyone needs objects, bindings, spells or any of that to create change in their lives.

I have a much more conscious and empowering way. If you are brave and ready to look at yourself i can be of assistance. You are not helpless even if you feel overwhelmed, or "cursed." That's too simplistic an explanation. You create all of your karma and only you can do what needs to be done.I coach clients by helping them objectively understand who they are. Why their life is the way they are. It is a practical psychological and spiritual approach. You have to be willing to take responsibility for what is going on in your life.= and be willing to change it.

I am here to be of service to you in an ethical, authentic way. I am here to help empower you. I believe in you. Only you can shape your own destiny. Its all about awareness, choices, healing.  Sometimes we need to have our lives fall apart, That is also part of the way. 
TARA Greene