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Major Astrology aspects June 12-18 by Tara Greene

The Main Astrology aspects for June 12-18

The week ahead, Main planetary events and Moon placements:
June 12  Moon enters AQUARIUS @ 4:45 pm PDT/ 7:45 pm EDT/ 11:45 pm GMT
AQUARIUS moon is a detached, Fixed, AIR element sign. Aquarius is the sign of higher consciousness, invention, lightning fast thoughts and breakthrough genius. We feel like rebelling under an Aquarius Moon, we get restless and are bored with the status quo and same old everything. 
This is an airy trine that supports communications and love. It’s a good day to talk- a lot with partners on both personal and business levels. Seek answers to questions in relationships to bring them into a more positive balance.
Gemini Moon tara greene Astrology
 Gemini and PISCES are mutable adaptable signs.  Mercury is the mind and Pisces is the spirit. Mind  directs everything, but the spirit is the basis for all.  Think about your dreams, talk about them. Have an inner dialogue, write down what you want and what you don’t want.  This is a good brainstorming day to  listen to your moods, your intuition and your emotional and etheric body.  Pay attention to your dreams on this night. Gemini is a dualistic sign and Pisces symbolizes that ALL is one. There is no duality that is just an illusion. 
June 15 Moon enters PISCES @ 3:17 am PDT/ 6:17 am EDT/ 10:17 am GMT
When the Moon is in PISCES we are submerged by our emotions. It is the time of the highest psychic, intuitive, most spiritual as well as creative and dreamiest time of all the months. Compassion, charity, forgiveness, and martyrdom are at high levels. Be careful of all addictive parts of the personality under the Pisces Moon as your ability to judge realistically is off. Pay attention to your dreams under this moon as they will be especially strong. 
SUN opposes SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 3:18 am PDT/ 6:18 am EDT/ 10:18 am GMT
Sun square saturn Astrology Tara Greene
Gemini SUN is dualistic, but the straight shooting arrow of the Sagittarius Centaur aims in one direction only.  Saturn in any sign is always the heavyweight, his metal is lead, the densest of all.  Gemini is like the wind or a butterfly. Gemini energy tends to be immature, childlike and curious for information.Saturn wants the cold hard facts.                                                                        Saturn is maturing.  The SUN’s opposition to Saturn can certainly lighten up the Saturn blues heaviness. And conversely, Saturn helps every nervous indecisive Gemini to make a commitment. That commitment can be to higher education, to pursuing justice, to travel, to teach, to buy a car, to get engaged or married. 
June 15/16 MERCURY in GEMINI inconjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN
The Power of Love in the three elements Tara Greene
Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements
Benjamin West
 All inconjuncts are between incompatible elements. It’s like  the two planets are already filing for divorce. Yet this aspect  as difficult as it may be to navigate requires a certain  compromise to have these disparate elements and planets  work together.  Mercury is the mind itself, consciousness.  PLUTO is the soul, the unconscious, the shadow aspects of  the self. These two aspects must interconnect for wholeness  to be achieved. Dialogue with your shadow, ask yourself to  face the scariest parts of yourself. Opening up to your  shadow allows hidden resources of energy to be tapped and transferred into consciousness. Better conscious than unconscious. This can also be done in facing the scariest aspects of those who hold power in the world. 
June 16 NEPTUNE turns RETROGRADE in PISCES June 16-November 22
William Blake, dreams, Astrology, tara Greene
William Blake, Jacob’s Ladder 1806 
Neptune turns our spirits, feelings, and intuitions back to review our dreams, to go back into our deep unconscious and spiritual realms to revisit old unconscious matters both positive and negative. Neptune Retrograde may bring back old nightdreams, nightmares, lovers, gurus, spiritual work, communes, charities, fears phobias and shadows. It’s a good time for therapy work especially creative therapies. Old addiction issues which we may think we’ve dealt with can come up again to haunt us. Old feelings of guilt, remorse, what you could have done may reverberate in your psyche. distinguish between things that you can change and those that you cannot. All Retrograde times are good medicine, they are healing. Practice active dreamwork, lucid dreaming and do go over dream journals during this time. Neptune in Pisces can revive an old artwork, creative project or something you need to go over and finish. 
June 17 Moon enters ARIES @10:55 am PDT/1:55 pm EDT/ 5:55 pm GMT
It’s always the start of a new monthly cycle with the Moon in Aries. We are impulsive, impatient, headstrong, and rash under this month. It’s a good energy to start new projects. Aries Moon is a fiery initiating cycle. Headaches and accidents from doing things too impulsively are more likely. A love of speed and dangerous is higher now.  We are feeling independent, strong willed and bossy. Anger levels are high as fuses are short. Burn off excess anger and or energy by working out, martial arts, or a  heavy gym session.
Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda shamans witches Astrology Tara Greene,
This is a very important day for big ideas, inventions, revolutionary changes and freedom. Conscious breakthroughs from seeing things from a higher perspective are very strong. March to your own drummer and spark others to be free to do so as well. Join with others who are on the same wavelength and brainstorm away.  You are much more brilliant than you thought.

MERCURY in GEMINI opposite SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  on Father’s Day
Happy Father's Day, Tara Greene
If the SUN opposite Saturn didn’t make you commit on the 15th to something, then this aspect will.  Serious ideas can be discussed with partners, mentors, or anyone older than you. Saturn symbolizes the father and it’s the perfect aspect for Father’s day.  Yes talk to and communicate with your Dad. If you dad has passed on you can still talk to him.  Mercury in Gemini is clever and inventive and always coming up with new ideas use them in a single pointed optimistic pursuit of higher knowledge. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene 
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Predicting the twins birth for Amal Clooney with Astrology, by Tara Greene

Predicting the best date to give birth with Astrology for Amal Clooney

June 3  The SUN,the source, the LIGHT, our STAR which creates all life 
The GEMINI SUN trines {120 degree aspect}  JUPITER in LIBRA on the 3rd @ 9:12 am PDT/ 12:12 pm EDT/ 4:12 pm GMT @ this is one of the best days of the year.
Grand Air Trine Astrology Tara Greene
At 13+ degrees GEMINI/LIBRA it’s beneficial for relationships, Love, marriage, optimism, travel, higher education, bargaining, balance and really GOOD LUCK. Use it wisely. 
Check out where 13+ degrees GEMINI and LIBRA are in your Birth chart by house and the                                                                                          aspects they make. If you have planets @ 8-18 degrees  AQUARIUS, you get GRAND AIR TRINE benefits.
There is a Fixed Star at 13 degrees AQUARIUS called DORSUM. If you are born February  3 you have this star conjunct your SUN. “Constellation Capricornus has a great influence over human affairs portending major changes in such areas as climate and political customs. Along with the sign, the constellation is also noted as the “Mansion of Kings”-Fixed Stars and Judicial Astrology, George Noonan, 1990, p.51.
PLUS hours later VENUS in ARIES trines the NORTH NODE IN LEO @ 28 degrees, conjunct to Fixed Star REGULUS, the Heart of the LION, which was traditionally the Star of King’s and Queen’s. Regulus has since moved into zero degrees VIRGO now but it’s still in effect.  An excellent day for love, romance, partying and lots of drama. 
Astrologers traditionally consulted for King and Queen’s about all matters. These days finding the best date for a wedding, launching a project or the best day to give birth based on the mother’s astrology chart and transits are the thing to do. 
Amal Clooney, as your hypothetical Astrologer Birth Doula, I’d advise you to be induced or to have that Cesarean on June 3rd. It’s one of your best days of the year. Amal’s Natal SUN is at 14 degrees AQUARIUS conjunct VENUS is super positively affected by the SUN-Jupiter Trine. Also, this aspect favors invitro-fertilizations and hi-tech interventions, like surgery. She may elect to give birth by Cesarean June 3 or the 4th with these very positive aspects still in effect. 
Amal Clooney, George Clooney, birth of twins, astrology
Mars enters the Sign of MOTHERHOOD, CANCER on the 4th @ 9:16 am PDT/ 12:16 pm EDT/ 4:16 pm GMT.
Plus VENUS in ARIES trines Amal’s Natal SATURN Rx at 28 LEO. This makes the blessings and the birth doubly karmic. Amal’s Natal Saturn is on the Fixed Star which was traditionally the Star of King’s and Queen’s. 

Transitting SATURN, the planet traditionally associated with responsibility, maturity and everything on the material plane, like giving birth is opposite to Amal’s JUPITER in GEMINI- she was born to have twins!  A Saturn-Jupiter opposition is very good. Her Natal Jupiter is conjunct to the NORTH STAR. This is another super beneficial aspect for these twin babies ot be born under.  
CHIRON in PISCES is squaring Amal’s Natal JUPITER and SATURN.
Of course carrying twins is double the weight and Amal may be feeling additionally tired during this entire pregnancy. I am glad that she has been resting. Her children will be incredibly compassionate, charitable champions of the underdogs and great debaters like she is born under this aspect. 
Amal was born with Mars Retrograde and Out of Bounds, a relatively rare aspect. Mars is now Out of Bounds and conjunct to Amal’s Natal Retrograde JUPITER. Mothers and fathers and their children usually do replicate the same astrology aspects and pattern, it is literally the family lineage and is an unconscious manifestation. 
Transiting JUPITER is conjunct to her NATAL PLUTO in LIBRA
This is always a big positive super powered billionaire’s wealthy balanced transit. 
Transitting NEPTUNE is Squaring her MOON in SAGITTARIUS and her Natal NEPTUNE
Amal must feel like she is living in a dream. She must be very careful about getting anesthesia during the birth as her body is super sensitive anyways and especially so right now.
Amal’s natal MOON is conjunct to the Great Attractor which is at 14 degrees SAGITTARIUS. It is the most powerful space anomaly there is. She can attract and manifest anything in her career as a lawyer, political activist or leader as well as in her love life. You see that she has. 
The MOON, which governs a woman’s fertility and menstrual cycles and the mother is in LIBRA now and will cross Amal’s North Node @ 7 degrees LIBRA, on June 3rd, 10 hours from now it’s 1:01 am EDT as I write.  This would be an incredibly positive time for her to give birth as it symbolizes a karmic fulfillment of becoming a Mother, bringing balance and double the love into her life. 
I wish Amal and George Clooney all the best. It’s best to try to hold those twins in as long as she can so they can get bigger. June 3 or 4th is one of the best days for Amal to give birth. Otherwise, I have predicted the Full Moon on the 9th as another possible birth date for Amal as well as BEYONCE, as Jupiter turns DIRECT. The Moon will be in SAGITTARIUS and conjunct to AMAL’s Natal VENUS. This is another major blessing time for Amal to become a mother under. 
What do you think? Please feel free to ask questions and comment. 
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Lilith of the New Moon and Neptune

Dark Goddess dreams, Lilith and Neptune 

Lilith in SAGITTARIUS is now in a 90-degree square aspect to NEPTUNE in PISCES
Lilith/Eve Astrology Tara Greene
Franz Von Stuck The SIN
The Dark Goddess LILLITH truly is the personification the New or Dark Moon phase of every single New Moon. We are in a New Moon in Gemini, the sign of the mind, the lungs, and our dual natures. Lilith is opposite to the New Moon degrees @  11 degrees SAGITTARIUS.
Lilith is a real force and a living symbol of women’s menstrual periods, the most powerful time of the month for every woman. When women bleed they are at the height of their psychic powers. Traditionally women worldwide would retreat to their special sacred caves, their menstrual huts, red tents or moon lodges as they sat together and bled directly onto Mother Earth as a ritual thanksgiving to the great mother who birthed all the children of the earth. It’s a sacred blood ritual, a giveaway, and a renewal.  The woman bled for 3 nights as the moon was dark and dreamed and divined and envisioned. When they emerged they would lead their groups or tribes through their visions. Women were honored simply because they bled, and that energy is LILITH’s energy.
Lilith is a creature of the night. she is said to have an owl on her shoulder symbolizing wisdom, 360-degree vision and the ability to fly through the dream world.
This aspect and the 3 day period of the New Moon allows us to connect with Lilith in a very deep and intimate way in our visions, meditations and most especially in our dreams. I saw someone driving a car with a Lilith license plate the other day.
Visualize Lilith and ask her to come into your dreams as the Night Hag or bringer of wisdom.
NEPTUNE in PISCES rules delusions, projections, addictions
This gives us easy access to her powerful energies to heal many repressed emotional and karmic energies.We might also want to look at our deepest darkest taboos and shadows with Lilith in this square as she is the most rejected darkest aspect of the Divine Feminine.  Remember that LILITH is EVE’s shadow and vice versa. They are two halves of the same Female Archetype. Examine issues about sexual repression or porn addictions in depth. Look at any fears about expressing oneself authentically and refusing to compromise as Lilith did.  Look at where you were treated like Lilith and felt totally rejected because you were a feared person. Remember that Pisces is the 12th sign and symbolizes Karma. Many women are now remembering their ancient connection to the Goddess, long buried in their cellular memories, dreams, visions and intuitions and their subsequent burning, torture, and denigration for hundreds and thousands of years.  Write from that place.
WARNING: You may have very sexual dreams if you call Lilith in. She was made infamous by the ancient Patriarchs as a succubus who seduces men in their dreams and steals their semen to create her 100 children every day which she then eats. Lilith is not a vampire. Women will feel this energy too. Lilith symbolizes unbridled sexual passion, that’s what the men were feeling so insecure about.  In Tantric sexuality, the most purifying, spiritual and powerful sex is when a woman is bleeding. There is a sexual freedom at this time.
LILITH will be in a close but not exact square with Neptune especially as the Blue Planet turns RETROGRADE on June 16th @ 14+ degrees PISCES.  They will remain within a degree of a square until the end of June.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Suicide Bombing at Manchester Arena, Ariana Grande Astrology

Manchester Arena bombing, Ariana Grande Astrology

The ISIS suicide bombing in Manchester England at U.S. singer Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman” concert Monday, May 22 @ 10:35 pm local time was very tragic news.  Witnesses said nuts and bolts were tearing into young concert goers flesh when the blast was detonated in the foyer between the arena and Victoria Station adjacent, just after the Ariana Grande performance ended. ISIS released a video claiming responsibility for the bombing. 
 An unverified Twitter account created a warning that Islamic State would attack the Manchester arena hours before it happened. The account was quickly deleated. Why wasn’t this message intercepted and investigated?
Twitter Islamic state Manchester arena warning
My heart goes out to all the innocent 22 children who were killed senselessly at latest count and 59 others injured. My heart has been literally hurting and thumping all night. 
Ariana Grande, 24,  was in shock and has canceled her entire “Dangerous Woman” World Tour in the wake of this horrific event. She tweeted ” ‘Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words.’ 
This is the worst terrorist attack in Britain since July 2007. It is reminiscent of the Paris concert hall attacks on November 13, 2015.
Let’s look at the Astrology chart for clues as to why this happened now. 
I have included the Asteroids ISIS #42, The Asteroid ARIANE #1225 for Ms. Grande, the Asteroid BABYLON #15417, The Dangerous Woman.  
There is so much going on in this chart. Remember that there was already a high-security alert in Britain for terrorism. 
MARS the planet of WAR @ 21 degrees GEMINI is on the Descendant. Note that a communication was issued by ISIS that the attack was about to happen and where. Very Gemini like. Mars is opposed to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 26 degrees Rx in the first house. The opposition of the TWO MALEFICS is warning enough. SAGITTARIUS is the sign of religious fanatics, foreigners, and judges. The Islamic state judges anyone who is not part of its religious and philosophical ideology as an infidel. 
MARS is square to NEPTUNE @ 14 degrees PISCES indicating that music, fantasy illusion, glamor, sex, drugs and alcohol, all of the things associated with Pop Music are what is angering and fueling the Terrorists.  NEPTUNE is now in square to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR, the massive galactic anomaly @ 14+ degrees SAGITTARIUS which allows us to see “beyond the bend” because it is so huge it bends light around it. Neptune is like the cosmic crystal ball. Could we not be more prophetic in seeing that this tragedy was about to happen? 
NEPTUNE is now in square to THE GREAT ATTRACTOR, the massive galactic anomaly @ 14+ degrees SAGITTARIUS which allows us to see “beyond the bend” because it is so huge it bends light around it. Neptune is like the cosmic crystal ball. Could we not be more prophetic in seeing that this tragedy was about to happen? 
 The ASCENDANT @ 18 degrees SAGITTARIUS is quite close to the U. S. Sibley chart Ascendant of 12+ degrees SAGITTARIUS indicating an AMERICAN is the persona or target for this attack. Ariana, the petite singer is a Cancer and I’ll talk about the chart in relation to her natal chart. 
The DANGEROUS WOMAN archetype is very strong as the target of the attack.
LILITH, is @10 degrees of SAGITTARIUS is in the 12th house of the Unconscious. LILITH is the archetype of the first woman, totally independent, the original Goddess who created all that is and who was worshiped worldwide as the Great Mother and the Earth. She was worshiped at the what is the Holiest site to Muslims, the Kabbah in Mecca which holds a huge meteorite and was originally a Goddess worshipping site. Mohammed just took over the Goddess religion as did all the other patriarchs. 
Lilith is also in square to NEPTUNE indicating a strong independent female musician embodying the Lilith archetype. ISIS bans music. Ariana Grande and everything she stands for and anyone who is her fan and all of “decadent” Western culture is to be destroyed according to ISIS.
PLUTO in CAPRICORN is also inconjunct MARS indicating tension building like a pressure cooker. Which is probably what the nail-filled bomb which killed and injured many at the concert was made out of.   PLUTO is square to the MOON at 20 degrees ARIES opposite Jupiter Retrograde in LIBRA.  Jupiter magnifies the imbalances which the tension between PLUTO and the MOON amplify. Moon-PLUTO is always secretive, deathly, power struggles, stealth, and control issues. 
The SUN @ 1 degree 58 minutes of GEMINI is close to ALGOL, the most demonized and feared Fixed Star, and is square to the NORTH NODE at 28 degrees of LEO and the South Node in AQUARIUS. These are “fated” times. 
SATURN in SAGITTARIUS in is a GRAND FIRE TRINE with the North Node in LEO and URANUS in ARIES with ERIS the Goddess of discord close by to revolutionary, chaotic, explosive URANUS. It’s so hot.
SATURN is also squaring CHIRON the WOUNDED SHAMANIC HEALER at 28+ degrees PISCES. This symbolizes the karmic woundings the world is going through and will continue to go through for the rest of the year with this aspect in place. Pisces symbolizes peace, music, joy and oneness, the things that one goes to a concert to enjoy. We may be feeling tragically wounded and helpless because of this incident.
Asteroid BABYLON is at 26 PISCES conjunct to CHIRON.
The Great Whore of BABYLON, which is from the Book of Revelations is the Scarlet or DANGEROUS WOMAN. That archetype is what is being attacked and also where the greatest healing is. Women must be strong in following their own passions. It wasn’t just Grande specifically who was attacked by ISIS but she symbolizes that archetype of the free empowered sexual woman.  
The Tarot image of the Whore of Babylon is card #11 STRENGTH/LUST LEO in THOTH deck
Thoth Tarot sex tara Greene
CHIRON in PISCES wants a creative solution to this tragedy. A new worldwide concert to raise awareness, consciousness, and money to fight Islamic fundamentalists. I know there are many who say Terrorism has no religion but that is simply untrue. ISIS’s brand of Islam is definitely radical and may not be true to Mohammed’s original teachings but it uses ISLAM as its battle cry. Not Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or Communism. We have to call it as it is, says SATURN in SAGITTARIUS who wants the truth to be told and says look a history, look at the Crusades, not some libtard phraseology. 
Asteroid ISIS @ 17 degrees ARIES is conjunct to VENUS the Goddess of creativity and to ATHENA the warrior Goddess and the MOON. ISIS was the Holy name of the EGYPTIAN Great Goddess and Her name should not be taken in vain. Isis also brings in the Pluto, JUPITER, Moon, T-square. It’s  very literal. 
The closest I could find to Grande’s first name is @ 28 degrees SCORPIO, opposite to ALGOL and the Sun in GEMINI. Ariane is square to the North and South NODES. That describes a rifle site included with that NAME DESTINY. 
Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman astrology
Born Ariana Grande-Butera on JUNE 26, 1993 in Boca Raton  Florida @ 9:16 pm although there are disputed birth times. She has a four-octave vocal range.  I have included Ariana Grande’s day of birth as the transiting planets to the May 22 chart. 
ARIANA’s NORTH NODE is 12 degrees SAGITTARIUS conjunct to trasniting LILITH.
Ms. Grande was born with URANUS and NEPTUNE conjunct @ 20 degrees CAPRICORN exactly where PLUTO planet of death, transformation, destruction is transiting. 
Grande’s Natal SATURN is 0 degrees PISCES, conjunct to where the SOUTH NODE of the Moon and of fate recently crossed over. There is a very strong karmic indication that this horrible scenario was a very great obstacle and maturing event for her. Her Natal Saturn is being squared by the SUN on May 22, also indicating a heavy aspect, depressing and difficult by nature. 
Grande’s NATAL LILITH is @ 28 degrees PISCES!
Speaking of embodying the Dangerous Woman. The Lilith Dark Mother, Black Madonna, the death bringing mother is here conjunct to transiting Chiron in PISCES and square to SATURN in SAGITTARIUS! 
Grande, at 5 feet 2 inch, 104 pounds, is a very petite song belter who looks quite innocent. She is the role model for these impressionable young girls. She is also playing the sexualized pop culture sales pitch with dangerous but innocent and cute imagery wearing playboy bunny rabbit ears made into a naughty but innocent black shiny hint of fetishism mask. 
As tragic an event as this is, on a more archetypal level it also symbolizes the healing of the Dark Goddess, the DANGEROUS INDEPENDENT sexual woman, the shadow archetype through showing where the real evil is. It’s in the Patriarchal fundamentalist religions which demonized women in the first place and banished LILITH, one of her archetypes.
Grande’s Natal Moon is @ 21 degrees of Virgo also squared by Karmic Saturn in transit. 
Her Natal Mars is at 1-degree VIRGO conjunct the transiting North Node, squared by the Sun and opposed by SATURN. Ms. Grande has very heavy malefic energies in her natal chart to overcome. She also has a lot of discipline and works hard. 
Grande’s Natal CHIRON is in LEO squared by PLUTO in SCORPIO
Ms. Grande has a reputation for being too arrogant and has turned off a lot of people. She has her haters out there to be sure. A few people were using the tragedy to poke fun at her. She, like most people, is the most vulnerable by being arrogant, by believing in her own myth and star power. If she does become driven by greed, power sex, money and manipulation she is finished. This tragic lesson will surely change her soul’s desires and her values for the rest of her life. 
The LESSON of healing: 
CHIRON is also inconjunct to the North Node in LEO
The North Node says get out your LION HEARTED FLAG, which Islamic terrorists also use as their symbol, and raise that up your flagpole. We need to be courageous, open-hearted, strong-willed, and loyal to those we love and who we protect. We need to be the leaders who say this is what I feel in my Leo ruled Heart and will. This is what makes my heart strong. We need to be ready to fight for the children and the creativity of our own inner children. Will you step up and add your voice to protect the children and the women?
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Earth Day, Mars in Gemini square Nodes of Fate by Tara Greene

Mars square the Nodes of Fate, Earth Day

Mars is at Zero degrees GEMINI today on Earth day 2017.
mother earth climate change Tara Greene
Earth Day started in 1970, according to Wikipedia.  The first Earth Day celebrations took place in two thousand colleges and universities, roughly ten thousand primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the United States. More importantly, it “brought 20 million Americans out into the spring sunshine for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform.” It now is observed in 192 countries, and coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network, chaired by the first Earth Day 1970 organizer Denis Hayes, according to whom Earth Day is now “the largest secular holiday in the world, celebrated by more than a billion people every year.” Environmental groups have sought to make Earth Day into a day of action to change human behavior and provoke policy changes.”
New Age author and artist Jose Arguelles, claims he was also one of the originators of the Earth Day concept (due in part to the influence of astrologerDane Rudhyar), Arg├╝elles founded the first Whole Earth Festival in 1970, at Davis, California.
The Earth MOTHER GAIA greatly needs us to help stop the exploitation and rape of her natural resources,  such as oil, coal, gold, natural gas, silver, uranium, copper, and water. 
The current Trump administration is hell-bent on exploiting and destroying the earth for profit only and first. Their capitalist 1% approach denies the need to seek balance in the eco-system, with the natural environment and is flagrantly destructive, flying in the face of any common sense. If fracking has caused water to catch fire, hundreds of earthquakes, polluting of water tables, and destruction of water habitat with supposed “protection measures” what happens now?
Whether you believe in man mad climate change or not, whatever its cause, we need to stop polluting and harming and wastefully using up precious resources which are not infinite. The oceans are full of plastic garbage, bees are endangered from using Round Up and other toxic harmful chemicals on crops. Without bees, there is no food production. Artificially messing with nature creates havoc over and over again. Monsanto and GMO foods are destroying whole populations DNA.  Most people are unaware of the dangerous toxins in most cities water supplies now. There is not enough clean water in many parts of the world now what happens in 10 years? or 20? 
Native Indigenous people lived by the motto. ” What we do now affects the next seven generations.”  If only we thought that way or there will be no next seven generations.
MARS is at zero degrees  of GEMINI in square to the NORTH Node of Fate in VIRGO and SOUTH Node in PISCES.
This is exact on the 23rd at 1+ degree GEMINI/VIRGO/PISCES
Mars will be within 5 degrees of the Nodes until April 29
The NODES Of FATE show us our highest spiritual goal, The North node is just that, the “True North” the South Node represents our unconscious or regressive past. If we are conscious and have examined our pasts, we can use and build upon the knowledge we have learned to help us move forwards to a bright new future. If we don’t learn from the past we are condemned to repeat it unconsciously.
Mars in GEMINI is action through communication. Mars in Gemini needs to weigh out both options, both sides. We need to make up our minds one way or another on what we will do to take action {Mars} about this issue about the environment, the right use of resources and our collective future on earth.
Mars in GEMINI with the Nodes of fate also affect our personal lives. If you have planets or angles near the first 5 degrees of SAGITTARIUS, you will be affected by a MUTABLE GRAND CROSS.  Stay flexible in these cross hairs. 
Mars in GEMINI to the Nodes asks us to make decisions about what we desire to communicate and what we need to let go of  with the South Node in PISCES. Do we need to forgive someone? ourselves? or simply let it go. 
We may want to think back on the last 17 months of our collective and personal journey through the North Node in VIRGO/south Pisces. Have you had work, health, community, being OCD and pet issues. And have you being dealing with addictions of all kinds, betrayals, self-sabotage, martyrdom, co-dependence, denial, drugs, illusions, false gurus, spiritual seeker junky, debts, mental illness? 
Think wisely about this turning point. Clear your mind to be ready for this bold new adventure. We are all golden. 
Please share widely, all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Best earth Day  songs 
Where do the children play? by Cat Stevens 1970