“|Is this the real life?” Is this just fantasy?” asks Freddie Mercury of Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody 1975. The answer right now is YES it’s REAL because SATURN the ringed planet which governs all of 3D enters its own sign of Capricorn December 19 @ 8:49 pm PST/ 11:49 pm EST/ December 2020 @ 4:49 am GMT.
The unreal fuzzy fake news and liars will be much easier to spot with rock solid Saturn in Capricorn even though NEPTUNE in PISCES will still keep bringing it on for another few years.
SATURN goes home to his Feminine earth sign of CAPRICORN for the next three years to sit by the fire smoking his pipe tests us. The ringed one will be throwing big obstacles and making us all be terribly disciplined and responsible.
SATURN is FATHER TIME a wise old man
Think of him as Gandalf or Dumbledore or a wise old grandfatherly figure. 
Saturn’s rings bind time in an eternal circle.
I believe that Saturn in Capricorn will help us embodied our spirits and bring the material and the sacred together.
Born between February 1988 to February 1991?
You’ll experience your 1st Saturn Return sometime between December 19th, 2017 and December 17th, 2020. NOTE: you also have the URANUS NEPTUNE outer-planet conjunction as well. This transit will be complex for you sorting out the corporate ideals and the tech revolution from what lasts long term.  If you need guidance please schedule a reading. 
If you were born January 1959 and January 1962, you will also be having your 2nd SATURN RETURN during this same time frame.  
SATURN in CAPRICORN rules the all business corporate empires on the earth plane. It is the planet of FATHERS and all elder statesmen senators and seniors.  All purple haired Women who are CRONES will be in their power. 
Saturn was known as the DEVIL ad in the TAROT that  is Saturn’s card #15
  Saturn is the material world. SELLING YOUR SOUL TO THE DEVIL means your ego has taken over you and all you want is Bling material wealth Billionaire status luxury and logos etc. 
For all Capricorns, it’s time to rejoice. A planet in its own sign is very happy and express its nature to the fullest even   SATURN which is not an emotionally expressive planet at all.For TAURUS and VIRGO Saturn brings you big benefits for hard work as it will trine all your endeavors until 2020
SATURN begins 2018 at 1+ degree Cappy and ends the year at 11+ degrees.
ALL the Cardinal signs born between the 1st day of their sign to the 12th day.  Those born December 21st to January 2nd for Capricorns, for example, will feel Saturn’s heavy weight most directly through conjunction squares to ARIES and LIBRA and opposition to CANCER.
Saturn is the GREAT MOTHER
Modern astrology even back to the Greeks who were already Patriarchal made Saturn into the planet of the fathers. Saturn is considered to rule time and history and the corporate business world and the third-dimensional plane.

SATURN in the Feminine earth sign of Capricorn for the next 3 years I hope that individual men grow up and take responsibility for its fear of women’s sexuality of the Churches purposeful objectifying and shaming of women; of the imbalance in corporate life and the raping of mother earth’s natural resources for greed and lust for power and control. Saturn was originally the sign of the GREAT MOTHER. We are all born of woman into this physical plane from spirit. Saturn governs the 3-D earth plane. I believe that Saturn will be reinstated to its original FEMININE form as a Crone woman a wise elder as in Indigenous cultures. They are the warrioress goddesses and wise women. May they rise again to be the true and most honored leaders in the world.
But I truly believe that SATURN was originally the GREAT MOTHER- and CAPRICORN is an earth- feminine sign. SATURN also ruled a MASCULINE AIR sign which is AQUARIUS. Which makes perfect sense as Aquarius rules detachment innovation inventions pioneering. It’s egalitarian revolutionary and rules higher consciousness. This is the ancient rulerships where each planet except for the SUN and Moon- which rule Leo and Cancer respectively- rules a masculine and a feminine sign. That was much more balanced than modern rulerships.
SATURN in CAPRICORN may show us the limits of the earth’s resources. We will need to stringently cut-back on budgets with Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn rules the knees and the skeletal system. For all Cappy’s better watch out for your vulnerable knees most especially.  
Things are all biz in Capricorn you must sweat and pay your dues. SATURN is a tough love teacher. He has been good-humored in SAGITTARIUS. The government crackdowns may get stiffer and stiffer. Saturn will give those in power hard lessons as well.
I’ll write more about Saturn’s put a ring on it strictures.
CAPRICORN countries that will be feeling Saturn’s karmic nature
LIBYA December 24, 1951
Great Britain’s December 25, 1066. Brexit is a very Saturnine energy.
INDONESIA- DECEMBER 27 1949 Jakarta in 2018.
SYRIA January 1, 1944, DAMASCUS- watch for this one!
The E.U. Jan 1, 1958, Belgium
Slovakia January 1st, 1993 Bratislava
AUSTRALIA Jan. 1 1901 Melbourne- in 2018

Cameroon – January 1 1960  

Sudan – January 1, 1956
Burma – January 4, 1948
SAUDI ARABIA January 15, 1902, Riyadh- in 2019 and 2020
I will write more extensively about SATURN at HOME. shortly
Ryan Seacrest Dec 24
Chairman Mao Dec. 26, 1893  and Jared Leto 1971
John Legend  Dec. 28 1978 and Denzel Washington Dec. 28
Patti Smith Dec. 30, 1946
J.R.R. Tolkien Jan 3, 1892. 
Bradley Cooper Jan. 5 1975
DAVID BOWIE Jan 8 1947 and Stephen Hawking Jan 8 1942. Elvis Jan 8 1935
Kate Middleton Jan 9 1982
Betty White Jan. 17 1922 and Michelle Obama Jan 17 1964.
Dolly Parton Jan. 19 1946 Janis Joplin Jan. 19 1943
Get ready for SOLSTICE December 21 sun enters CAPRICORN @ 8:28 am PST/ 11:28 am EST/ 4:28 pm GMT 
and Saturn joins the SUN @ 1:08 pm PDT/ 4:08 pm EDT/ 9:08 pm GMT
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