Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Very rare alignment Sun, Pallas,Chiron in Pisces Astrology from Tara Greene

March 14 is a rare and exceptional day. The SUN conjuncts Goddess asteroid intelligent strategist Pallas Athena, and Chiron, the shaman archetype in Pisces @ 24+ degrees PISCES. {plus they are in square to Saturn at the Galactic Center}

Chiron the Sun and Pallas meet in a RARE triumvirate strategy which is filled with SOL, LIGHT, compassion, inspiration, subtle intuitive proddings from the unconscious, through synchronicity, your angels and especially in your dreams.
 This is a very auspicious and highly protective and spiritual alignment, conjunctions are the most powerful of aspects.
You may receive "marching orders" from your spiritual guides on how to go to the next levels in your spiritual growth. The energies have been leading up to this over the last week or so. Pay attention to everything this week.
If you have planets at this degree { or within 5 degrees either way} or square to it at 24 Gemini, 24 degrees of Virgo or 24 degrees of Sagittarius { where Saturn is Now close to the Galactic Center} you will feel the effects of this stronger.

If you need help to interpret these aspects personally. email me taragreenetarot@gmail.com or text 416 230 5347

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Venus turns Retrograde, Soldier of Love by Tara Greene

Venus turns Retrograde  March 4 – April 15 in the next turning point of LOVE.

Venus Retrograde Tara Greene astrology

Venus will be extremely beautiful tonight March 4 near the Crescent moon, Look up and feel her eternal beauty. Know her as the Goddess of all love. 

Just like a Mercury Retrograde, Venus Retrograde’s periods make us Reflect, renew,  to review,  reinvent, and renew our romantic relationships. Old lovers and friends, especially women can come back into our lives during the Venus Retrograde period.
The last Venus Retrograde in Aries occurred March 6 – April 16th, 2009, you will want to think back on what was going on in your love life then.
Venus rules our values and our earnings. Money issues can crop up big time when Venus turns the tap off temporarily. The world economy can take a nose dive. Venus governs our tastes, what we love, and how we want to be loved. Your tastes in all kinds of things: lovers, friends, food, dress, makeup, money, art may change.
Venus turns Retrograde for an average of 40 days every year and a bit as she transitions from being the beautiful evening wishing star to journey through the underworld, where she is a gangsta of love? and returns as the beautiful morning star.
In her 8-year journey between her retrograde star points, she depicts a 5 pointed star or pentagram formation in the skies. She also forms the diagram of a rose. That is why the rose is considered to be the ultimate feminine flower and the apple is sacred to Venus as these are the images she creates. Remember Lilith giving Eve the apple to eat in the Garden of Eden?
Venus turns retro in ARIES where she is an independent amazon Warrioress from 13+ degree of ARIES. Venus is traditionally considered to be in detriment and out of her own element in MARS’s home sign. But those are the old patriarchal values ascribed to Venus. Venus in Aries is the ancient independent warrior Goddess archetype like Brigid of Ireland, or the Amazons themselves.

Venus moves from the initiating impulsive masculine fire sign back to her exaltation sign of spiritual watery PISCES. Venus will absorb the deep mysteries of the Feminine source of unconditional love before she moves direct and renters ARIES again on APRIL 28.
Venus moves from Aries, a masculine fire sign ruled by Mars back to her exaltation sign of spiritual watery PISCES. Venus will absorb the deep mysteries of the Feminine source of unconditional love before she moves direct and re-enters ARIES again. 

Venus will cross the Zero ARIES point twice which symbolizes a significant new beginning in the world. Venus crossed it initially on Feb 3. She will Retrograde back over the point on April 3rd, and cross it again moving Direct on April 28. Watch for significant new beginnings. 

On March 24th, Venus will make an inferior conjunction to the Sun. Venus will become invisible at night. About a week later after the inferior conjunction, Venus’ begins to appear once more, rising as the lovely Morning Star, where she is known as Lucifer, the light bringer.

Venus will cross the Zero ARIES point twice which symbolizes a significant new beginning in the world. Venus crossed it initially Feb 3. She will Retrograde back over on April 3rd, and cross it again, moving Direct on April 28. 

Venus backs into PISCES on APRIL 2 where she is EXALTED. Venus goes from her weak point to her strong point during this Retrograde. VENUS will be bathed anew in the spiritual source and re-empowered with the spiritual Unconditional Love, empathy, and forgiveness of PISCES. 
The Grail of the Summer stars by  Kinuko Y. Craft
The Grail of the summer stars by  Kinuko Y. Craft
This is a very symbolic returning to the original Goddess Energy of Venus and women as SOURCE of all. A very potent symbol. 
On April 8th VENUS retrograde in PISCES squares SATURN at the GALACTIC CENTER which could mean a cosmic karmic changing of the patriarchal old guard. This aspect may be the ending of many relationships which have been together for many years.
Venus turns DIRECT on April 15th at 26 degrees PISCES. Venus continues be in square to Saturn at the Galactic Center at this time to bringing a karmic, fated weighty aspect to this turn of the heart.

The planet of love and maturity square off again with VENUS DIRECT on APRIL 21, If things have fallen apart in relationships this could mean a reconciliation, legal proceedings, or the final straw that broke the camels back {one of the symbols of the HIGH PRIESTESS in the TRAOT} from carrying too much old martyrdom and addictive karmic patterns in relationships that were clearly recognized with Venus in PISCES square Saturn.

You want to look at where the track of Venus’s retrograde is in your natal chart. 26 Pisces- 13 Aries to find out how Venus will affect you personally. Look at the house and other aspects Venus triggers.  

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Venus was traditionally INANNA QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and earth. Not just a Goddess of beauty, romance, and the arts.  Her Retrograde period of 40 days- note that significant count-is mythologized in the tale of Inanna going into the underworld to visit Ereshkigal her dark twin sister and returning after being killed by her. She sends her consort-lover into the underworld to replace herself. The myth explains Venus’s cycle and is also an archetypal myth about all aspects of the Divine Feminine, the light and the dark and how we must own all aspects of Her as well as aspects of the light and dark masculine. 
I will post individual Horoscopes for each sign for LOVE MAPPING. 
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscar's mix up Pisces Eclipse and Retrograde astrology

2017 Oscar's Retrograde and Pisces eclipse moment. 

If you were watching the Oscar’s live last night you saw the Pisces eclipse energy mix up where the expected winner La La Land, with a record 14 nominations was announced by Faye Dunaway. The directors, actors, and producers all went up on stage. Then the producer of La Land and then Warren Beatty announced that a mistake had been made and that Moonlight a $1.5 million dollar Indie film about a gay black man had actually won Best Picture.Oscar's Moonlight, La La Land 2017
The shock on the faces of the director, producers, writers and actors of this little film was amazing. Everyone did a double-take. Warren Beatty explained that there were two pieces of paper in the envelope. It was a classic Steve Harvey Miss America all over again.
But actually it was a perfect Pisces Eclipse tsunami. An eclipse is when one body eclipses or overshadows another. That’s exactly what happened with the two films. 
I had to check the Astrology of that moment. The real winning film MOONLIGHT was announced at 9:12 pm PST on Sunday Feb 26 EST.
oscar Moonlight. Astrology La La Land
Oscar Mix Ups, La La Land, no Moonlight.
I haven’t seen either of these movies. I did predict that under these astrology influences to expect the underdog to win. I read the synopsis of Moonlight and the main character is called CHIRON, The Wounded Healer. The story is about a poor black gay man reminiscing about his life. La La Land, a modern romantic musical won many awards already. It’s title and message about never letting go of your dream, is very Neptune in Chiron. Hollywood itself is La La Land. 
I read the synopsis of Moonlight and the main character is called CHIRON, The Wounded Healer. The story is about a poor black gay man reminiscing about his life. La La Land, a modern romantic musical won many awards already. It’s title and message about never letting go of your dream, is very Neptune in Chiron. Hollywood itself is La La Land.  
Chiron, the astrology body, is at 23 degrees PISCES inconjunct to JUPITER in LIBRA, also Retrograde on the Ascendant. Retrograde Jupiter in LIBRA indicates a big mix-up or back step at the forefront of a big social event. Jupiter in LIBRA symbolizes karmic Justice and having an all black cast of a small indie film about a minority of a minority win is a very political issue. Remember last year’s ballyhoo about ” Oscars so white?”  Retribution is in place now. 
The eclipse was at 8+ degrees PISCES, with Neptune the ruler of Pisces conjunct to it. Pisces is the sign of illusion, delusion, fantasy, projections, actors, and artists it rules Hollywood. Note a film called Manchester by the Sea won with Casey Affleck, Ben’s brother, as best actor. A very Neptunian sounding film.
At the exact moment of the correction. JUPITER is RETROGRADE on the ASCENDANT at 22+ degrees LIBRA. A classic do-over, we want to be fair energy. ERIS the planet of disruption is exactly opposite to JUPITER conjunct to MARS and URANUS in ARIES on the Descendant. This is a high-octane energy of chaos, revolution and being spontaneous= GRAND FAUX PAS.
Furthermore, VENUS is in her shadow Retrograde period, moving very slowly as she turns Retrograde March 4th at 13+ degrees ARIES then direct on April 15 @ 26 + degrees of PISCES. Venus entered her shadow Retrograde field at the end of January. The Academy Members voted under this Venus shadow. As Venus rules values, money, the arts,. Winning an Academy Award guarantees increased exposure and earnings for any film.  This Pre-Retro period is in effect indicating a turnaround.
Certainly a very eclipsing awards show.
What do you think?
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Very rare 6 pointed star in skies, Magic Merkabah

Rare 6 pointed star Merkabah Feb 16-17

Feb. 16 First, there is a very earthy, powerful GRAND TRINE between CERES, now a dwarf planet/ asteroid in Taurus with JUNO, the Goddess of female genius in CAPRICORN and the NORTH NODE in VIRGO which perfects the 15-17th of February, and at the last degrees of the Sun in Aquarius. 
Grand Earth Trine, astrology, Tara Greene
This is a very fruitful, creative grounded energy. A Grand earth Trine blends the three Feminine energies in a powerful TRIANGLE, a magical container.
CERES, is the great Mother Archetype, she is mother nature, fertile and abundant. JUNO symbolizes female genius, a multi-tasking energy.Juno is not Zeus’s long-suffering wife.
The North Node of the Moon symbolizes the popular collective’s point of view and the highest elevated goal. North Node is our spiritual GPS.
Ceres is the great Mother Archetype, like Demeter, she is Mother Nature.
Virgo North Node is the Virgin earth Goddess herself. Virgo North Node is about being of service, humble, harvesting what we have sown.
Virgo is the sign of intellectual order, hard work, being of service, and perfectionism. Virgo is being on a budget, being humble, and paying attention to our gut instincts and our health.
Use this very powerful FEMININE energy to align with for prayers for yourself and for health. Draw down the easy balance of the Goddesses for the collective Feminine psyche, for Mother Earth, and to support women’s freedom over their own reproductive issues and environmental activism. International women’s day is coming, March 8th.
Feb 16
Moon is in SCORPIO a very deep feminine sign energy. Scorpio moons make us take the plunge. Mercury sextiles Mars in Aries. Mars is Scorpio’s original ruling planet. It may be easy to get detached
Mars is Scorpio’s original ruling planet. It may be easy to get detached about those power issues, the sex, control, obsession issues today. Use it well. I could certainly use that.
Moon inconjuncts VENUS in ARIES
Scorpio Moon energy is the shadow and can take over our rational feelings. If you try to control women today they will walk, they will fight back. Venus in ARIES is the warrioress and she is getting ready to go RETROGRADE, so she is packing a powerful weapon right now. If you push on any woman, or the feminine energies right now, she will push back hard. 
MOON TRINES NEPTUNE IN PISCES IN PDT/ early hours of the 17th EST and GMT
The Water trine connects with brightest star SIRIUS @ 13 degrees CANCER which is conjunct to the U.S. SUN. This creates a RARE 6 pointed star of David or Star Tetrahedron formation. This is a Merkabah, a vehicle of starry light to ascend to higher awareness through embodiment of who and what we really are. We are the stars.
Rare 6 pointed Star Merkabah Astrology Tara Greene
The star Sirius was chosen by the Masonic founders of America to be connected with the U.S. Sun. On July 4th the Sun is conjunct SIRIUS. Sirius is the home of the SIRIANS, who many channelers tune into for higher consciousness. These channels consider themselves to be the Lightbringers, way showers, Starseeds, walk-ins  and the like. I connect with these beings and the Pleiadians and Arcturians to. 
Tune into this higher consciousness of the physical and emotional realms in the Merkabah energy.  See Drunvalo Melchizedek’s writings on this. He discovered the Flower of Life. 
This is a very powerful energy to meditate with. We are creating and envisioning our new star births. Sirius mythology is connected with birth, death and resurrection. The myth of the God Osiris, who was killed, torn apart, lost his penis, his masculinity and was put together again through his sister/ wife Egyptian Goddess Isis’s love. This is an archetypal story about the wounded masculine, who needs the Divine Feminine energy to resurrect him and replace his broken phallic energy. But the phallus needs to be broken first in order for the feminine to fix it. We are at this stage now in the archetypal world. The Old Patriarchal order will be destroyed soon and the divine feminine will re-member it. 
We are in betwixt eclipses. The next one is a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Feb 26 at 8 degrees PISCES. This time period is intense we are just digesting the last lunar eclipse in Aquarius.   I have been dreaming very lucidly and now feeling quite tired. Energy levels are up and down. Lots of shadows are being revealed. 
I just looked back and this Feb 26 Solar one is extremely pertinent in my life. The last total solar eclipse in this series was Feb 26, 1998 which was 6 days after my daughter Leah was born. Before then on Feb 26, 1979, was four days after I witnessed one of the most amazing magical mystical experiences in my life on Feb 22, 1979, on Isla Mujeres Mexico. I had two witnesses with me who saw the same thing. That was what I call ” The return of the Star Bird” you can read about that here on my site. 
If you have planets at any of the zero- 6 degrees of Earth Signs, you will be affected personally. If you have planets at 8-16 degrees Water signs you are also very strongly affected. As are those whose planets are in 90-degree angles to these 6 points.
Let me know how this resonates with you.
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Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump and Trudeau meetup. Astrology reveals their connections

Justin Trudeau, the ” I am a Feminist” Prime Minister since 2015 is a Liberal.  He meets The Donald today, Feb 13th for the first time in Washington D.C. scheduled for 2:00 pm EST.
Trump and Trudeau astrology Tara Greene
Most of us Canuck’s are pretty proud of our P.M. for having an equal balanced house of men and women. Trudeau welcomes Syrian refugees and said he would take all of those Trump turned away immediately when Trump’s ban went into place.
Trudeau is young, 45, handsome, the son of a former Prime Minster who governed for three terms and was brought up in wealth and privilege. Trudeau has always backed big oil, as Canada’s established economy depends on the dirty Alberta Tar Sands and other natural resources.
Canada and the U.S. have the largest border in the world. Canada is currently their 2nd largest trading partner after China, with $575 billion in total (two-way) goods trade during 2015. Goods exports totaled $280 billion; goods imports totaled $295 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with Canada was $15 billion in 2015. There are only 36,286,378 Canadians as of 2016 compared to the U.S. which has 322,762,018 people. We have the 2nd largest land mass in the world and 1/9th the population.  The U.S. violent crime murder rate is 23 times higher than Canada’s. The U.S  rape rate/ violent crime is 147 times higher than Canada’s!  see more stats below”
Here is what Trump and Trudeau’s birth charts together look like. I’ll decipher this so that you can see how they will get along. 
Interestingly the two T’s charts almost align perfectly. Trump’s Ascendant is in late Leo and Trudeau’s is in early Virgo. 
Donald TRUMP is a GEMINI, a dual-natured and very unique individual, with URANUS, the sign of rebellion, inventiveness and pioneering, and his NORTH NODE in GEMINI conjunct to his Sun. Trump has the majority of his planets in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra and Sagittarius. 
Trudeau is an earthy Capricorn, with lots of fire and air elements in his chart. Venus and his North Node are in the sign of freedom, Aquarius, he has to champion Feminism. LOL. Trudeau has his MOON in spontaneous ARIES, with Chiron. Pluto and Uranus in airy LIBRA, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter in “tell it like it is”, SAGITTARIUS. Trudeau has his MARS at the very last degree of the Zodiac PISCES! The most compassionate degree there is. Of course, he will always take in refugees and root for the underdog. See my analysis of Trudeau’s natal chart here:  https://infinitynow.wordpress.com/2015/10/12/justin-trudeau-canada-election-astrology/
When we see the two charts combined, Trump is on the Inner wheel in Blue and Trudeau on the outer wheel in Red.
Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau astrology chart Tara Greene

Trump’s NEPTUNE in LIBRA, in his 2nd house of money and resources, and Trump’s MERCURY in CANCER, form a T-square with Trudeau’s SUN in CAPRICORN. This means difficulty negotiating what’s best for Trump’s home- the U.S. with oil. Neptune governs oil, debt, delusion and secrets. That doesn’t look good.
They are largely opposites, but they have a very strong PAST LIFE CONNECTION. Trump’s SUN- URANUS -N.N. Gemini SUN opposes Justin’s JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS, the sign of politics, International relations, truth, justice, and honesty. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, optimism, humor, and it governs Sagittarius. Justin’s Jupiter is really strong and is exactly conjunct to Trump’s Moon, which symbolizes his moods, his unconscious, emotional side, and Trump’s South Node. This is a really strong Past Life karmic indicator. This can indicate that Trump was either Justin’s mother in a past life, or that Justin was his teacher and educated him. Justin can teach Trump a thing or two about fairness and justice and respecting women now that’s for sure. They are opposites but could be incredibly strongly tied. Will Trump hug Trudeau? They may both even start to cry when they touch. The Moon governs sentimentality. There could be a strong passive-aggressive, chaotic energy between the two of them. They may be totally repulsed by each other. Trudeau needs to humor Trump, to say the least. 
Trudeau’s Moon in Aries, which trines the Moon-Jupiter, South Node conjunction and opposes Trumps, Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in LIBRA where Trump is the most vulnerable in that he cannot negotiate. Where Trump is most vulnerable conjuncts Trudeau’s URANUS, Juno and Lilith where he is an innovator in respecting women and all rejected peoples. 
This is a two-way Jupiter- Sun- Moon-Uranus configuration. Connected but repelling. These oppositions also have nice aspects from Fire and Air trines. That spells CHAOS, but potentially creative and inventive at the highest level. 
Trudeau practices Yoga, his lovely wife Sophie, is a yoga instructor, he was an actor, and he is an extremely compassionate Spiritual Warrior because of MARS at the 29th degree of PISCES.  This is Trudeau’s passive- aggressive tool which he can use, as it trines Trump’s VENUS-SATURN’s “tough love”  conjunction in late degrees of CANCER. Trump loves his family, and if they can confer about the whole world being family as Trudeau sees it, they may be able to broker a deal. 
Interesting the two men both have JUNO, the symbol of FEMININE GENIUS conjunct in LIBRA. Yes, there are Juno Awards in Canada, and a famous Film too. They could put their heads together and if they listen to their feminine intuition logically they could work out many new deals and be very ambassadorial with each other. New NAFTA deal which is a WIN-WIN situation? 
Most importantly Trudeau’s SATURN at Zero degrees GEMINI Retrograde sits on his own M.C. and TRUMP’s M.C. the highest place of worldly power in any chart. Trump’s is in sensual, stubborn TAURUS.  This indicates that Trudeau is the more mature, wiser, communicator and negotiator. They both have their MC’s conjunct to the Fixed Star with the worst reputation ALGOL or Medusa. Trudeau will have to fix TRUMP with “that stare” that can turn men to stone, so it says in the myths in order to handle him.
Trudeau’s has a natal Saturn in GEMINI, Neptune in SAGITTARIUS opposition, this is where he may also flip-flop. Trudeau can promise one thing because he is acting from two polarities, just like Trump does. Then Neptune, the Idealist steps up. This is a drive with the breaks on issue. Trump’s LILITH, where he fears, despises and wants to control and suppress women is tightly involved in this. This is where they will disagree the most. They are supposed to be talking about women on the 13th too. 
Trudeau’s CHIRON in ARIES, where he is the most wounded and vulnerable is in his Natal 8th house of “other people’s money, taxes and transformation.” This is opposite to Trump’s NEPTUNE in LIBRA, in both their 2nd houses of resources, very fittingly. NEPTUNE rules OIL, delusion, illusion, debt, and relationships and also conjuncts to TRUDEAU’S Natal PLUTO. This is a fight between who has the most power of course. 
There is a hypothetical body called Transpluto-ISIS. Interestingly enough, Trudeau’s South Node, his karmic past life is in LEO, sign of KINGS, exactly conjunct to Trump’s symbol of ISIS conjunct his PLUTO, opposite Justin’s VENUS-NORTH NODE conjunction in AQUARIUS. Trudeau will be open minded about refugees, ISIS, and unity for all. On that they will disagree totally. TRUMP wants to annihilate ISIS because it is his own PLUTO shadow, his own unconsciousness, which want to have total control and power. Not that ISIS isn’t dangerous or destructive. 
Trump is a very dangerous person with both Mars and PLUTO, both rulers of SCORPIO, sign of control, power, secrets, nuclear energy, anger, criminality, delusion, addictions, self-sabotage, religion, confinement, institutions, glamor in his natal 12th house of spirituality. 
That’s a lot going on there. Canada depends on the U.S for trade, many border states do as well. NAFTA could be rewritten to better benefit both countries. Canada can  not defend itself against its more powerful neighbor. Trudeau has to play this very shrewdly. Canadians want him to stand up to Trudeau. 
Interestingly for Trudeau, the North Node which symbolizes the collective mode of the times is exactly on Trudeau’s Ascendant at 3 degrees of VIRGO. This means the liberal, caring, humble, health care providing society of Canada, the Karma we reap as the results of our actions is what the world needs now, plus LOVE.
I am hoping that Trudeau can sway Trump. MaybeTrump needs to learn to meditate. do yoga and chant OM. I hope this is a WIN-WIN for both countries. 
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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Healing the wounded Warrior with Astrology,

Mars at the last degree of the Zodiac Jan 26-27 is the enlightenment degree

The warrior has reached the end of his journey. His weapons fallen, his armor broken, useless to protect him anymore. His trophies and medals tarnished and inconsequential. All of his worldly belongings destroyed and worth nothing. All of his former loved ones abandoned him. His children and grandchildren want nothing to do with him, they have all renounced him. All his great, grand ideas of conquering, of controlling, oh having, of living, of dominating, of plundering, of avoiding death, old age and taxes, of being the King are seen for what they are. Illusions and delusions. The warrior realizes he is alone and frightened. He realizes that everything which he fought so hard for is absolutely meaningless and wrong. 
The warrior realizes he is alone, weak and he is frightened. He realizes that everything which he fought so hard for his whole life is absolutely meaningless and wrong. He realizes that he is a failure, not a hero at all. He has failed to love others, he has failed to do good. He has failed to be compassionate or kind. He has only thought of himself. Now his ego is finally destroyed, this life review makes him realize, at this last breath in his feeble male body that he has totally wasted his precious time on earth. He realizes he has created mountains of harm and bad karma. He has debts which will take millennium’s to repay and to rebalance. The warrior weeps on his death bed alone. He weeps for his wife and children, for his parents, brothers and sister, his friends and neighbors, colleagues and for every person he ever met. He weeps for himself, now seen as pathetic, weak, scared, a little boy who never really grew up to be a human being, a real man. He has been disconnected from his true self, and his heart, his entire life. It’s at this very moment, that a miracle can occur.
 MARS is at the 29th critical degree of PISCES  Jan 26-27
While Mars has been in the great ocean of PISCES we’ve been treading water unconsciously. The exhaustion, grief and repressed anger so many of us have been feeling has a great deal to do with this. It will be a relief to be freed from this 12th house Prison, soon.
This is also the critical degree of attaining Buddahood or enlighenment
The last degree of the Zodiac is a very very spiritual degree. It is said that the aim for all souls is to reach the last degree of the Zodiac through experiencing many, many lifetimes and to earn dharma and be released.  Try to connect with this energy today. Mars is the driving force, this is a very powerful symbol. 
Think of Buddha who has been sitting under the Bodhi tree for so long,
Buddha bodhi tree,Tara Greene
immovable, fighting off all the demons, the seductresses, the illusions, and delusions The Buddha sees and experiences all of his past lives, he witnesses everything that has happened in all time and space, until he sees through the illusion of it all. His mind is free of his ego, it expands, he is free from all emotional cravings, and aversions, and sees that everything is always changing, is in relationship and as he reached enlightenment or clear mind, he touches the earth and states that he has attained enlightenment and the earth is his witness. He looks up and see Venus as the Morning Star and heart is filled with love. He then is compelled through compassion to help assist others to attain enlightenment too.
Become one with this energy. It exist in all time, for all eternity. Breathe it in. Become the buddha. 
Use Mars at this last degree, in these very trying times to be a BODHISATTVA
A bodhisattva is a male or female human being who has already attained enlightenment but as they are consciously leaving the earthly existence behind, this incarnation on the meat wheel of Saturn/time they look back at the earth. Out of compassion for all the suffering and ignorant beings, they give up their own liberation and come back to teach enlightenment to help all beings reach enlightenment.
Here is the famous Bodhisattva vow:
“Just as all the previous Sugatas, the Buddhas
Generated the mind of enlightenment
And accomplished all the stages
Of the Bodhisattva training,
So will I too, for the sake of all beings,
Generate the mind of enlightenment
And accomplish all the stages
Of the Bodhisattva training.”
In Mahayana Buddhism, the bodhisattva vows to work for the relief and liberation {nirvana}of all sentient- beings as long as samsara or cyclical rebirth exists.
With Venus so nearby to Mars allow her compassion and unconditional love to help the warrior King transform himself from a tyrant into a Knight who serves to respect as an equal and to support and honor the Divine Feminine. His actual role.
The Accolade by Edmund Leighton 1901
Mars in Pisces is also like the famous story of the Fisher King. It is part of the Tales of King Arthur and the Holy Grail. The wounded king has a serious sexual wound, his kingdom which he symbolizes is a total wasteland. The King can only be healed and the wasteland restored to life again after the innocent Parsival, screws up a few times, and then finally utters the magic words to the King. ” What ails thee?”  This is the voice of Venus in Pisces speaking. If we have compassion for the wounded masculine, he can be healed. 
Also see the great 1991 movie The Fisher King starring Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges and directed by Terry Gilliam.
If we all do this our single-mindedness may affect the Wounded Patriarchy on the rampage these days. We must all work to heal our own ego’s and wounds. 
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Through synchronicity and 6 degrees of separation, I connected to someone who works with his woman: Please read it it is apropos.
A little more depth article about the buddha and his enlightenment.