Friday, October 13, 2017

Rape culture truth and justice with Astrology by Tara Greene

Lilith conjunct Saturn on the Galactic Center brings truth and justice of rape culture and healing through Chiron in Pisces.
Proof of the karmic endings to the Patriarchal rapist Old Boys Club like Harvey Weinstein with SATURN Lord of karma truth and Justice at the Galactic Center is bringing with Lilith and Chiron in Pisces. Wounded women Speak your truth.
Not to mention that Jupiter- Head honchos entered SCORPIO sign of sexual secrets power death and change on Oct. 10th. How obvious can it get? Just read the signs and symbols.
LILITH the Dark feminine who speaks her truth and refuses to be sexually assaulted or less than equal to a man has been crossing the Galactic Center since the last week as the story broke. She is broadcasting that message loud and clear.
Lilith astrology Tara Greene
In the “As above so below” ancient Hermetic philosophy; what do we see happening above?
SATURN @ 22 degrees SAGITTARIUS is moving into an exact conjunction with the Galactic Center at 26 degrees 59 minutes of SAGITTARIUS. Saturn is our reality check builder and commander and it has been close to the Galactic Center for all of 2017 and will continue into early 2018.
Because the G.C. is so vast a larger orb of influence can be used as much as 5 degrees either side. Saturn will be exactly on the G.C. on November 25th but its effects are already happening and we are seeing the evidence.
The G.C.  is a gigantic Black Hole which sucks all matter into it. It is as big as 4 million Suns and is 25000 light years away and its powers are enormous. 
To the Ancient Maya, the Galactic Center or central dark rift in the Milky Way which can clearly be seen was considered to be the Cosmic Vagina or Great womb of birth and rebirth. All souls were considered to be birthed through this black hole and to return to it.  When planets conjunct or square it they are the transducers of this energy. Remeber that Saturn only crosses the Galactic Center once every 28-29 years. 
In 1781 when Saturn was on the G.C. as it is now the planet URANUS was discovered which changed everyone’s reality in a huge way. Technology expanded our capacity to see out into space.
In October 1929 the Great Stock Market Crash happened. When Pluto crossed the G.C. in 2008 that caused another great market collapse.
SATURN is the planet of 3D physical reality. The planet of limits maturity and endings known as The Grim Reaper. Saturn in Sagittarius is truth honesty transparency and justice.
MERCURY was at 27 VIRGO at the end of SEPTEMBER opposite to CHIRON @ 27 PISCES squaring the Galactic Center just before the Weinstein story broke.
CHIRON is squaring the G.C. exact since mid-April and slowly moves to 24 degrees PISCES  at the years end still in square. This Wounded Healer is bringing up old buried emotional karmic woundings. This aspect with SATURN on the Galactic Center is one of the hallmarks of 2017
VENUS will cross 26 Virgo exact and square the G.C. on the 12th and 13th.
Friday the 13th is VENUS’s day. 13 being the number of lunations in a year. 
WOMEN will be feeling the benefits now. 
OCT. 15 Mars opposes Chiron @ 25 Virgo/Pisces squaring Saturn @ 23+ degrees SAGITTARIUS
More rape sexual assault and bullying stories will be heard. Healing remedies must be applied. The victims of the abusers need emotional healing womb cleansing karmic healing and support. New laws or legislation will be put into place. This will not just blow over or go away. 
OCT 16 SATURN Trines ERIS in ARIES @ 23 degrees 
More shit disturbing from women feminists activists and the like will be heard. Women should be holding torches and marching and yelling and throwing incendiary remarks at the entire patriarchal structure; putting the blame on the Bible and a culture which is totally sexist. 
Oct 16-18   LIBRA SUN and SATURN in SAGITTARIUS create a FINGER OF GOD pointing to CHIRON in PISCES. This points towards endings and healing of the karma in the wounded collective unconscious. Pisces symbolizes unconditional love as the source.
This is a very powerful aspect. The old “Finger of God” is an accusatory Patriarchal image. This can now be turned around to giving the finger to the Patriarchy.
Leading up to November 25th when Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center focus your meditation on tuning into the Galactic Yoni/womb for advice. This is a once in 29 year cycle. It is majorly important to clarify your message; teaching-learning traveling and expanding yourself as a vessel of truth and justice to benefit and uplift all.
It’s also a painful vulnerable time. Women who have been victimized for thousands of years via the Bible for their sexuality twisting the whole mechanics and making the women responsible for men being unable to control their desire. WTF is that all about?

MEN need to re-educate themselves and their sons. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently spoke in Washington about this. perpetrators and bullies. Organized religions needs to be understood as a key message to put down women. Men must grow up and take full responsibility for being the perpetrators and bullies. Religion must be dismantled to change sexism at its most basic levels.  Jeff Brown Canadian author made his apologies to the Feminine which sparked worldwide interest years ago. 

Well it’s karmic justice time guys. That is exactly what LILITH the archetype of the first woman wanted in the first place. Now is the time. 
I am sounding the death of the patriarchy starting now. 

I will create a platform for a collective worldwide meditation on the 25th. Stay tuned. I have my Mercury right on the Galactic Center I will be meditating and tuning in. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Sunday, October 1, 2017

October Horoscope by Tara Greene Canada's #1 Tarot Reader for events parties personal readings

October preview Horoscopes

OCTOBER has some of the best days of the year
Saturn, Mars hard aspects, Napoleon Brousseau
OCTOBER 2017 Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau
Oct. 3 One of the best days in the year VENUS Trine PLUTO VIRGO/CAPRICORN mark that one down. Good for love increasing self-esteem rewards for a job well done and concrete success in long-term plans. 
Oct. 4 SUN inconjunct NEPTUNE Libra/ Pisces 
This can be a bad romance day or frustrating spiritually and creatively.
Great for Virgo’s and a boon for all earth signs. This is a super romantic energy. IN VIRGO it is about loving the body and the earth and being humble servants. What have you started that needs to be examined in the full moon light? Always innovating under an Aries full moon. 
Hard to communicate but could be interesting for artists 
A serious day for commitments.  Good to make travel or education plans under. Good for details and cleaning up your act.Oct
Oct. 8 Sun conjuncts MERCURY in LIBRA
Good for socializing and being the gracious host or hostess.
Oct 9yh  SUN and MERCURY in LIBRA Squares PLUTO in CAPRICORN- 
An intense Cardinal Square which can knock relationships on their ass.
Oct 10th JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO until Nov. 8, 2018
SCORPIO it is your year! This is a transformative intense powerful energy. Scorpio is the most soulful and obsessive sign. Scorpio is the sign of sex death and rebirth the psyche and its shadows. All about power control secrets and manipulation. It can be the best of years and the hardest of years. 
10th. VENUS opposes Chiron -Virgo/PISCES
Listen to your body today and it will tell you where you are storing the emotional and spiritual pain.
11th. MARS squares SATURN Virgo/ SAGITTARIUS
This is a RED LETTER DAY. The two most difficult planets square off. Perfectionist Mars in VIRGO and optimistic easy going Saturn in SAGITTARIUS just don’t see eye to eye. This can be a difficult day for all SAGITTARIUS and VIRGO peeps especially.
11th. VENUS in VIRGO inconjuncts URANUS in ARIES
All of these inconjuncts are two planets speaking totally different languages
14th. Venus enters her home sign of LIBRA-YAY
This is lovely for everyone as Venus in Libra brings out our most charming grace and peace-loving side. This can, of course, also bring out Libra’s inability to make up their minds stronger. Good for all LIBRA peeps and those with Venus in LIBRA. 
A good day for new relationships or revitalizing and breathing fresh air into new ones. Great for networking and connecting with your tribe.
15th. MARS opposes CHIRON in PISCES
A good day for spiritual creative and charity work.
The communications planet is taking us to get down into Scorpio’s psychological depths. Good for research; in-depth focus and deeply emotional soulful and sexual connections.
17th. MARS in VIRGO inconjunct URANUS in ARIES
Mars rules the sign of ARIES and these two hot-headed spontaneous planets are bumping heads or have an axe to grind at work.Be careful of spontaneous outbursts of anger. 
18th. MERCURY conjuncts JUPITER in SCORPIO
Communicating from the deepest soulful and sexual parts of yourself. This is a profoundly cathartic energy. Have a good long conversation with another soul or souls. Nothing superficial. The real deal. 
19th NEW MOON in LIBRA @ 26 degrees
SUN opposes URANUS on this new moon
This will be a wild new ride. If you want to make changes in your life an all level this is the energy to do it on. Relationships may be chaotic.
Oct 22nd MARS enters LIBRA 
Mars is in VENUS’s sign and he is the peacemaking warrior. Mars in Libra loves beauty and harmony and wants everyone to think he is nice. Go out and buy art. See link below- There will be Much more indecisiveness going on. Have lovely dinner parties and soirees. A good time to meet new people and romance in general. 
SUN enters SCORPIO- 22nd PDT/ 23rd EDT and GMT
Iy’s the death and rebirth time. The season of the witch time. Get ready for an intensely obsessive month. Hood thing that Mars is in LIBRA this helps balance the intensity and the sexual energy out.
23rd. VENUS in LIBRA inconjuncts NEPTUNE in PISCES
The planet of women love and the arts and her “higher octave” are not in harmony today. Look deeper for the origins from spiritual imbalances for clues.
This is an intense inspiring spiritual creative emotional sexually intense energy. If you want to have a tantric sexual experience this would be an excellent time. Also, practice connecting with people through dreams through astral projection and visioning in general. What does your shadow need to transform it into the light?
Oct. 26 SUN conjunct JUPITER in SCORPIO
This is the best day of the year when the Source and the largest planet of optimism and benefits come together. Look at the lighter brighter side to Scorpio. It is the soul essence of the emotional body which transmutes all darkness fear and shadows into the LIGHT under this conjunction.
This is another very rich Cardinal square. Echoing the cardinal squares this one brings a life or death-rebirth in relationships. Significant karmic people can come into your life under this transit. It’s a good day for artists and creative people. If you want to make a powerful strong statement int he world this would be a good day. 
OCTOBER 1st I will be live on FACEBOOK TONIGHT in PDT and EDT
Our date got changed. Sorry if you came yesterday. Come on back.
Find me at the COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY PAGE at 5:00 pm PDT/8:00 pm EDT/ 1:00 am GMT/ Oct 2 @ 11:00 am in MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA time. 
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HIRE me and my guild of super talented awesome psychics tarot readers lipstick trace palm tea leaf aura readers astrologers and many more talents for all of your parties corporate and special events- bachelorette parties birthdays.

Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene. 
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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's karmic love story by Toronto Astrologer Tara Greene

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's love is karmic. It's written in the stars.

Prince Harry is in Toronto for the Invictus Games 2017. He is expected to appear with his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle who lives and works in Toronto this week. Prince Harry was in Toronto April 2017 when this article was originally written. For weeks now I have literally been able to smell the Prince and feel his presence. Meghan’s house is 9 kms. away from where I live in Leslieville in Toronto.
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Tara Greene astrology
In my 2016 predictions about Prince Harry: “Harry will meet a commoner in another country and fall very fast. She could be the One.”  An engagement may be happening.” this is verifiable on the net, and in various media outlets. 
Why is Harry so besotted with Meghan? What do the stars say?
I have previously written about Prince Harry’s Astrology and his transits in 2013 and 2014.
Let’s dissect the stellar connections called synastry in Astrology between Harry and Meghan.
Prince Harry’s SUN is an earthy practical, analytical, intelligent, organized, humble Virgo. His 8th house {Scorpio like} of wealth, inheritance, depth, secrets, power and deep transformation. He is here to be of service in the world using his wealth and prestige. He is a down to earth guy in spite of all the Royal trappings.
 His MOON is in earthy, sensuous, Taurus in his 4th house. The Moon always represents the mother, for Prince Harry who so tragically lost his Mother Princess Diana any aspects to his natal Moon will reveal the women he is likely to be attracted to. He is very private person emotionally deep down and very connected to his mother. He needs emotional security and nurturing. His Venus is in LIBRA also in the 8th house. He has good taste and likes to socialize.
His VENUS, planet of women, love, and relationships is in LIBRA where it is exalted as this is the sign Venus rules. It is also in the 8th house. Venus in Libra bestows natural good looks and charm. Prince Harry likes to socialize and he wants people to like him. He is a natural ambassador. He is attracted to beautiful, glamorous, women who also enjoy socializing. He wants a woman he can show off.  
Harry has NEPTUNE, the higher vibration of VENUS at 28 degrees SAGITTARIUS as does mostly everyone born in 1983-1984 in his 12th house. Neptune rules “soul mates” glamor, dreams, charity, international travel, foreigners, long-distance relationships, teachers, spirituality, and law. In the 12th house this is very spiritual romantic projections, can be secret clandestine relationships. 
MEGHAN MARKLE born August 4, 1981, in Los Angeles, at 4:46 am
Meghan is a popular actress on a TV series, Suits which has been running for six seasons. She has lived in Toronto since she’s been working on the series. Her parents divorced. She is a divorced Catholic who contributes to charitable events and is bi-racial which she has spoken about openly.
Meghan is a FIERY LEO, with Mercury, North Node, Psyche and Goddess Athena all in LEO in her 1st house. Leo is the natural sign of actors, royalty, public figures, those who feel they are entitled dramatic, willful and attention seeking. Leo is passionate, fiery, affectionate, and wear their hearts on their sleeve. It is also the sign of love affairs children and creative self-expression.  Meghan thinks with her heart and is meant to be Royal. Athena is the goddess of independence wisdom and strategy. Psyche is an archetype of one’s personal journey, struggles and hardships to be united with one’s soul mate. 
Her MOON is in LIBRA conjunct SATURN and JUPITER in her 3rd house, of communicating. Meghan has beauty, charm, and the excellent karma {Saturn} of luck, wealth, expansion, foreigners, and traveling through Jupiter and Saturn conjunction. 
Her VENUS is in VIRGO at 13 degrees in her 2nd house of assets resources and self esteem indicates that she loves to work hard. She is intelligent, organized, disciplined, and in her body. She loves to do yoga and her mom is a yoga teacher.
Meghan’s ascendant is in CANCER at 24 degrees. She is a traditional mothering nurturing type. She is very emotional, empathic, sensitive to others feelings and can be moody. Powerful Pluto squares her Ascendant. Others would see her as being deeply soulful with her dark eyes which can burn through anyone’s facade. 
Meghan’s MARS is in CANCER, in the 12th house, the most spiritual, charitable, creative, private and compassionate house.  She is unconsciously driven to find her soul mate and create a family and be a mother. Mars is conjunct to the biggest star SIRIUS which indicates she is destined for success. She is a natural nurturer, her home is everything and she needs to feel emotionally safe and security there. She loves to cook and eat. Mars the warrior is in its detriment in Cancer opposite Capricorn. This can indicate struggles to find a family and to have children. Meghan could easily give up her career for marriage and children to create a stable home life. There are deep wounds in her psyche which almost no one sees. 
Meghan has NEPTUNE in Sagittarius in her 5th house of love affairs, naturally a Leo house. NEPTUNE is sextile PLUTO, lord of the soul, and JUNO, or HERA the archetype of the perfect wife, who was married to Zeus King of the Gods. It also indicates a Feminine Genius.  This powerful transformative energy of PLUTO with JUNO indicates her royal wife status. They form a YOD or Finger of God to her natal CHIRON, the wounded healer at 22 Taurus.  This is a very important point in her natal chart. 
Meghan has LILITH at zero degrees SAGITTARIUS conjunct URANUS in SCORPIO.
Lilith Astrology Tara Greene
Lilith by reecca-yanoskaya
This is Lilith’s natural placement. In Meaghan’s 4th house it is her unique feminine secret charm. It is opposite to her CHIRON in TAURUS where she is the most wounded but also where her greatest healing is. Lilith conjunct URANUS is a very powerful energy. Lilith is the rejected, dark feminine Goddess energy. Meghan has always felt different, an outsider.  Anyone she really turns her gaze on will feel that she can see right through them to their very souls.  Meghan has a very powerful embodied sexual energy, this is the mark of a sacred Tantric sexual priestess healer or shamaness. She can manipulate any man to do exactly what she wants if she chooses to. She is extremely alluring to men, who can also be terrified of her charisma and independent strength. Any man who has a powerful connection to Meghan’s raw sexual power will instantly connect with her.
Megan has NEPTUNE in Sagittarius in her 5th house indicating she is also searching for her soul mate. She is most attracted to a  foreigner, someone of a very different background than her and also would be fine with having a long distance relationship.  She needs space in her relationships. She loves to travel and connect with foreign people places and tings. She is an optimist a spiritual dreamer a charitable goodwill worker for the world. 
In their synastry chart. What is it that Meghan Markle has to attract the love of a Prince? 
Harry’s VENUS, planet of Love, exalted in LIBRA is conjunct to her PLUTO on the cusp of Harry’s 8th and 9th houses.
Meghan’s soul and Harry’s ideal of a woman and love are totally connected in the sign of marriage, beauty, balance and love. 
Meghan’s MOON, SATURN, JUPITER in early LIBRA square Harry’s JUPITER in CAPRICORN in his 12th house.  There is plenty of wealth, expansion, politics, karma and past life connections. 
Harry’s PLUTO at Zero Scorpio conjuncts Meghan’s JUNO in Libra
This is a soul mate conjunction. Harry thinks she’s the perfect woman. 
Harry’s MARS in SAGITTARIUS at 16 degrees is conjunct his EROS, which conjuncts Meghan’s NEPTUNE at 22 degrees. He idealizes her and she turns him on no end. She also sees him as the ideal man. 
MARS and EROS in Harry’s chart square Meghan’s VENUS at 13 degrees.  This tension creates attraction. Her VENUS conjuncts Harry’s VIRGO SUN at 22 degrees. His Mars conjuncts her NEPTUNE. It was soul mate love at first sight. They have a mutual powerful love and attraction. 
Harry’s MOON at 21 Taurus conjunct CERES, the Mothering Goddess in TAURUS exactly conjuncts  her Chiron. Meghan’s Moon in LIBRA conjunct Saturn and JUPITER trines his Chiron in GEMINI. They have mirrored Moon Chiron aspects. This relationship is all about emotional healing. They have an absolutely intuitive understanding of each other’s deepest emotional needs. She was made to heal him of the wounds around losing his Mother so tragically. 
They have a very strong yet unusual past-life conjunction. Harry’s SOUTH NODE at 29 degrees SCORPIO, indicates a past life of deep emotional trauma. There can be a deep interest in psychology. Harry had heavy lessons dealing with death, treachery and the abuse of power in that past. He may have been plagued with nightmares his whole life.
Meaghan’s URANUS/LILITH is conjunct his SOUTH NODE, his past life. They may have been partners in rebelling against a status quo and will be drawn to repeat this pattern again.They are rule breakers and rebels who overturn the status quo and are energized by change and transformation through sexual energy. He is unconsciously drawn to her Lilith energy like a moth to a flame. This combo opposes HARRY’S MOON CERES and NORTH NODE conjunct ALGOL. 
URANUS opposite the Moon in synastry is usually problematic indicating a chaotic, challenging relationship.  It is very exciting and is always having to reinvent emotional connections. There is a strong desire for freedom and individuality. This aspect creates a MOTHER-WHORE split in their dynamic which is part of a redemption of the archetype of reviving LILITH in the world. Harry is a Prince, his energy is also archetypal and transpersonal. Meghan will heal that denigrated dark feminine LILITH sexual rejected energy in the world through healing the Prince. It is a myth like the Holy Grail, which is a sexual metaphor as well. 
Meghan’s SUN Mercury trines Harry’s Mars/Uranus in SAGITTARIUS. 
They are partners in breaking the rules. They communicate on a higher consciousness level. I am sure it’s electrifying and inventive. 
Their’s is a very strong past life soul mate connection. It is truly a fairy tale romance in the flesh. I am grateful that these two have finally found each other. My Dad’s name was Harry so I am fond of that name. I am glad to feel their love. It is wonderful. 
I will follow up with what the transits are saying for these two.
Please share widely all writing is copyright of Tara Greene
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Radical love as Venus squares Uranus by Tara Greene

Venus squares URANUS Aug 24

This is another Cardinal Cross at 28+ degrees Cancer and Aries.

Venus rules women; female sexuality and romance; love and values. Venus rules money the arts and luxury.  
Cancer is the sign of the mother the womb itself; the unconscious; our homes and is the most traditional and biologically imperative role for women as being engaged in nurturing creating emotional safety; bonding feeding and creating and sustaining relationships.

the Venus square to URANUS in ARIES
Signifies radical change in our sexual loving and the role of the feminine.

VENUS sesquisquares NEPTUNE in PISCES today.
This 135-degree Minor aspect is a square and a semi-square. This puts additional pressure on changing the nature of romantic love and spiritual love.

Traditionally women waited for the men to make the first moves. Many women say they can’t find a  “good man.”  I feel that it is up to the women to attract and create the sexual loving and spiritual “ideal” relationships which they desire. It was always this way. The women teach the men. The women are the queen bee’s the ones with the honey. The men are dependent on the women biologically and naturally. But we live in such a patriarchal culture and roles have been so stereotyped and twisted for thousands of years from when women were revered as the source of all life. The return of Goddess spirituality; paganism; witches and feminism is all part of this return to balance and wholeness. These days most women are usually more open independent and aware than many men.

These days most women are usually more open independent and aware than many men although there are many younger men sharing childcare; stay at home husbands and women who earn more money than their male partners. Many men are on a conscious spiritual path as well spiritual warriors creative types healers teachers writers and artists. 

Venus square Uranus is radical love.
This isn’t just about falling in love with the evolution or radical people philosophies and ways of doing things. It is also about women being on the radical frontlines of change in our society very much so. I feel this is more to do with creating love in a radical new way. 

We have lost touch with the origins of the Divine Feminine and we must go back to that and reinvent that energy to suit the modern world. This makes this revolution much more complex. Uranus is about unique individuals who work collectively who support the group or hive mind. 

This aspect can be used to revolutionize and change your old relationships. First, you start with yourself.
Theoretically, I believe that you can fall in love with anyone. Ultimately “falling in love” is about women opening up to her own inner masculine her Beloved or animus which is spirit or her Higher self. That is the eternal intimate relationship that is always there for each person. This is symbolized by the 6 pointed star. The upwards pointing triangle is the masculine and the downwards pointing triangle is the feminine. The star or Merkaba symbolizes the sacred union of the Lovers wholeness and unity. In the Tarot the image of the LOVERS is the number 6. This is a 2=4 = 6 day.
love relationships merkaba Tara Geene
Merkaba or 6 pointed star symbolizing the sacred marriage 

Once a woman creates this inner marriage by first listening to her own intuition and feelings; to her own soul and dreams; to her own womb then her inner animus or inner masculine energy will act on her behalf to please her and help complete her and to co-create with her in the world.

When she doesnt need a relationship outside of herself to complete her then she can attract and co-create a radically new type of love relationship.
The person with the higher vibration will pull up the one with the lower.  Integrity honesty and boundaries are important. Two beings must be at the same soul level of growth for a real physical relationship to work to match each other at major points. 
Rumi Lovers Napoleon Brousseau Tara Greene
Lovers don't finally meet somewhere… Rumi

That is radical. It is not just self-love. It is also self-awareness and self- acceptance. It takes work.  

The poet Rumi fell in love with Shams a traveling spiritual teacher and in him saw the Beloved. He wrote over 30000 poems from that contact during and after Shams was killed. Rumi saw God in this human person. But Shams was really a version of himself and his own inner connection to God. Shams merely was the spark.

Use this planetary energy to help you change the way you view and create relationships. For men, the reverse sexual polarity would work. Even if you are gay or trans or something in between there is always polarity at work to establish wholeness and balance. Our universe is based on polarity despite the modern liberal attempt to blur the boundaries.  You can’t mess with Nature.
What do you think? Your feedback is a necessity.

Please share widely. All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Heart Vlog Tara Greene

Bonnie Tyler's 80's Dramatic Total Eclipse of the Heart is perfect for the LEO Solar Eclipse aug 21 2017Watch my LIVE vlog of Tarot Card and Astrology readings for each sign for the Total Solar Eclipse on the Cosmic Intelligence Agency website on Facebook published on my blog

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Major Astrology aspects June 12-18 by Tara Greene

The Main Astrology aspects for June 12-18

The week ahead, Main planetary events and Moon placements:
June 12  Moon enters AQUARIUS @ 4:45 pm PDT/ 7:45 pm EDT/ 11:45 pm GMT
AQUARIUS moon is a detached, Fixed, AIR element sign. Aquarius is the sign of higher consciousness, invention, lightning fast thoughts and breakthrough genius. We feel like rebelling under an Aquarius Moon, we get restless and are bored with the status quo and same old everything. 
This is an airy trine that supports communications and love. It’s a good day to talk- a lot with partners on both personal and business levels. Seek answers to questions in relationships to bring them into a more positive balance.
Gemini Moon tara greene Astrology
 Gemini and PISCES are mutable adaptable signs.  Mercury is the mind and Pisces is the spirit. Mind  directs everything, but the spirit is the basis for all.  Think about your dreams, talk about them. Have an inner dialogue, write down what you want and what you don’t want.  This is a good brainstorming day to  listen to your moods, your intuition and your emotional and etheric body.  Pay attention to your dreams on this night. Gemini is a dualistic sign and Pisces symbolizes that ALL is one. There is no duality that is just an illusion. 
June 15 Moon enters PISCES @ 3:17 am PDT/ 6:17 am EDT/ 10:17 am GMT
When the Moon is in PISCES we are submerged by our emotions. It is the time of the highest psychic, intuitive, most spiritual as well as creative and dreamiest time of all the months. Compassion, charity, forgiveness, and martyrdom are at high levels. Be careful of all addictive parts of the personality under the Pisces Moon as your ability to judge realistically is off. Pay attention to your dreams under this moon as they will be especially strong. 
SUN opposes SATURN in SAGITTARIUS @ 3:18 am PDT/ 6:18 am EDT/ 10:18 am GMT
Sun square saturn Astrology Tara Greene
Gemini SUN is dualistic, but the straight shooting arrow of the Sagittarius Centaur aims in one direction only.  Saturn in any sign is always the heavyweight, his metal is lead, the densest of all.  Gemini is like the wind or a butterfly. Gemini energy tends to be immature, childlike and curious for information.Saturn wants the cold hard facts.                                                                        Saturn is maturing.  The SUN’s opposition to Saturn can certainly lighten up the Saturn blues heaviness. And conversely, Saturn helps every nervous indecisive Gemini to make a commitment. That commitment can be to higher education, to pursuing justice, to travel, to teach, to buy a car, to get engaged or married. 
June 15/16 MERCURY in GEMINI inconjuncts PLUTO in CAPRICORN
The Power of Love in the three elements Tara Greene
Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements
Benjamin West
 All inconjuncts are between incompatible elements. It’s like  the two planets are already filing for divorce. Yet this aspect  as difficult as it may be to navigate requires a certain  compromise to have these disparate elements and planets  work together.  Mercury is the mind itself, consciousness.  PLUTO is the soul, the unconscious, the shadow aspects of  the self. These two aspects must interconnect for wholeness  to be achieved. Dialogue with your shadow, ask yourself to  face the scariest parts of yourself. Opening up to your  shadow allows hidden resources of energy to be tapped and transferred into consciousness. Better conscious than unconscious. This can also be done in facing the scariest aspects of those who hold power in the world. 
June 16 NEPTUNE turns RETROGRADE in PISCES June 16-November 22
William Blake, dreams, Astrology, tara Greene
William Blake, Jacob’s Ladder 1806 
Neptune turns our spirits, feelings, and intuitions back to review our dreams, to go back into our deep unconscious and spiritual realms to revisit old unconscious matters both positive and negative. Neptune Retrograde may bring back old nightdreams, nightmares, lovers, gurus, spiritual work, communes, charities, fears phobias and shadows. It’s a good time for therapy work especially creative therapies. Old addiction issues which we may think we’ve dealt with can come up again to haunt us. Old feelings of guilt, remorse, what you could have done may reverberate in your psyche. distinguish between things that you can change and those that you cannot. All Retrograde times are good medicine, they are healing. Practice active dreamwork, lucid dreaming and do go over dream journals during this time. Neptune in Pisces can revive an old artwork, creative project or something you need to go over and finish. 
June 17 Moon enters ARIES @10:55 am PDT/1:55 pm EDT/ 5:55 pm GMT
It’s always the start of a new monthly cycle with the Moon in Aries. We are impulsive, impatient, headstrong, and rash under this month. It’s a good energy to start new projects. Aries Moon is a fiery initiating cycle. Headaches and accidents from doing things too impulsively are more likely. A love of speed and dangerous is higher now.  We are feeling independent, strong willed and bossy. Anger levels are high as fuses are short. Burn off excess anger and or energy by working out, martial arts, or a  heavy gym session.
Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda shamans witches Astrology Tara Greene,
This is a very important day for big ideas, inventions, revolutionary changes and freedom. Conscious breakthroughs from seeing things from a higher perspective are very strong. March to your own drummer and spark others to be free to do so as well. Join with others who are on the same wavelength and brainstorm away.  You are much more brilliant than you thought.

MERCURY in GEMINI opposite SATURN in SAGITTARIUS  on Father’s Day
Happy Father's Day, Tara Greene
If the SUN opposite Saturn didn’t make you commit on the 15th to something, then this aspect will.  Serious ideas can be discussed with partners, mentors, or anyone older than you. Saturn symbolizes the father and it’s the perfect aspect for Father’s day.  Yes talk to and communicate with your Dad. If you dad has passed on you can still talk to him.  Mercury in Gemini is clever and inventive and always coming up with new ideas use them in a single pointed optimistic pursuit of higher knowledge. 
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