Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Inspirational Card of the Day May 15

Because Mercury flies into his own Air stream trailer Sign of GEMINI today -till May 31
it’s BYE BYE solid beefy thinking and  ”Ground Control to Major Tom.”
Mercury in Gemini
and Because the MOON ENERGY SHIFTS from Water 2 FIRE,  into passionate LEO
my intuition said it’s a double shift sign change day and one of the signs is the TWINS
so let’s use ASTRO TAROT
The card is called CONJUNCTION
and I can’t get a pic of it up for you in a hurry   
so I’m using poetic imagery licence as any GEMINI fast thinking person would do and use
this image
astrology conjunction

A conjunction is when two or more planets, people, ideas, tribes, things come together, meet, occupy the same space, merge, become one, are inseparable, symbiotic,
it’s COMMUNION, Tantric UNION, 
Oneness, unbounded, inseparable, marriage, joining, union, indivisible, whole, complete.
Con means with and junct or JUNK as in junction means  joining or WITH JUNK
So how conjunct, how much junk?  or DISJOINTED/ disjunct do you feel?
And where? in what parts? In your body?   From your head= MERCURY to your HEART= LEO ?
in the Wizard of Oz the Scarecrow, is the mind or perceived lack of brains or MERCURY who rules thinking
the Tin Man is the heart, he says he doesn’t have one but is very sentimental, the heart is ruled by LEO.
Your heart is the RULER itself, the King or Queen of you.
I mind ramble in Mercury in Gemini fashion.
OCCUPY your HEART and use HEAD
do you ever wonder where the voices in your head come from?
BRING YOUR HEAD and YOUR HEART TOGETHER in a conjunction, in communion.
Bring your junk together!
What sign and where is the fleet footed messenger MERCURY in your Natal chart?
Where is the sign of  GEMINI?
Expect lofty speedy winds to blow through that part of your Life. 
MERCURY rules GEMINI & VIRGO- so draw a circle round both those signs.
A quick emotional trip a 3 day romp through LEO is fun. Be dramatic, show off, Life is a cabaret old chum.
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