Friday, May 3, 2013

Dream lovers Weekend, Moon in Pisces, soul mates, art, bliss Astrology

MERCURY is in Taurus May 1-15
Your gut instincts should be beginning to work loud and clear. That’s great.
While Mercury and the SUN are in TAURUS
We are ruled by the Taurus symbol in the Tarot Trumps o# 5
the High Priest
listening to your higher self as GUT Instinct is what the bullish time of the year is all about.
Sensuousness is the name of the game , GET EMBODIED.
Moon enters PISCES Friday and all weekend
It’s an undersea journey into the realms of spirit, dreams, fantasy, intuition, soul mates, connecting with spirit guides, angels. Pisces is the 12th house of BLISS.
Watch the clouds, it is a form of dreaming.
PIsces Tara Greene
Guerman Shion
cloud vortex image
The effects are enhanced by Moon conjuncting Neptune in the evening, and Mercury in Taurus sextile Neptune later on.
Write a  letter to yourself from the dream state. You can attempt to incubate this before you go to sleep at night or do it once awake as a daydream practice, a meditation. Moon energy is always very creative in Pisces. Stay open that’s all, and compassionate. Definitely make big wishes for the healing of the world’s miseries on this day and send it out.
Moon will conjunct Chiron on Saturday afternoon
Any unhealed issues may be ready to pop open, You’ll be feeling ultrasensitive.  Good time to look at your addictions, and illusions. Crying comes easy on a PISCES moon and is healing.
Moon makes easy sextiles all day Saturday to Mars in Taurus to Pluto in Capricorn and to the Sun.
Good for getting things done, speaking your truth, long range plans, co-operation with the opposite sex.
Moon TRINES SATURN in wee hours
so some creative constructive deaths rebirths and rebuilds in the dream state.
Do watch your dreams for important physical messages. Mercury in Taurus is very literally physical communications. Your dreams can be physical metaphors being relayed back to you. Sweet dreams and do wake up in time to recollect your dreams. Keep a journal by your bed. Or use your cell phone to record your dreams before you move when you wake up.
Moon squares Jupiter later Saturday
Sensitive types may get bruised by those rollicking outgoing Jupiter in Gemini types partying hearty.
Need a reading to navigate PISCES, dream, addictions, waters?
Rainy Day Dream Away by Jimi Hendrix