Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspirational Card of the Day, Light my fire,

Inspirational Card of the Day May 16

ACE of WANDS – the aces initiate, they start they have the most power, and Wands is FIRE
a spark is being lit now- listen, watch,
Wands or batons is what the suit is called, I am taking poetic license again and using an image which also represents the Ace of Wands

The Artist’s Hand by Alex Grey 1997
What new inspirations have you received? You need to begin to set them alight, ACT on them.
Start it UP.
Aces in regular playing cards Trump all else. What is the ace up your sleeve?
Come on baby light that fire.
We are feeling the Uranus Pluto square getting tighter, it will be exact May 20.
 I am writing a separate longer article about that-
The friction between the planet of revolution, chaos, new inventions and Pluto in Capricorn the Plutocrats, the old hierarchical rules maker, the Old Boys Club inside you are facing off.
Rules were meant to be broken. Burn down the House.
PLEASE SHARE WIDELY- so that others may benefit.