Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspirational Daily Card, UV, U2, Tea for 2,back to the Garden

The Inspirational Card of the Day May 17 
Maybe I’m just on a 60′s trip, having just written about Uranus and Pluto and Bob Dylan recording
Blowin’ In the Wind – 5o years ago. Flower Power and all that Hippie Trippy stuff. Then I synchronistically am led to
The Power of Flower Cards by Isha Lerner 
flowers Divination cards  Tara Greene
The Violet 
Roses are red, violets are purple
think for yourself, don’t believe what the mad men tell you.
Do you really deserve it? Who says?
And why are they telling you this?
In the Garden of Eden is EVE, or Isha, her Hebrew name, means Woman.
EVE is here to symbolize women taking their rightful place in raising the consciousness of humanity.
Eve  listening to Lillith, her predecessor, THE first woman, and not “G*d, but her own conscience
Eve never sinned. She allowed humanity to evolve consciousness.
The patriarchy turned this metaphor story upside down to suit its own purposes.
Eve, as woman is the liberator.  Intuition is the truth. Heart is the truth. 
Violets symbolize love and sentimentality, the heart-shaped leaves are heart gifts.
Eve invites you back to the sacred garden at the beginning of time.  Relax there in the cool shade and be afraid of nothing.  Let NATURE be your guide, Nature has no morals. See Eve for she really is. the Queen of Heaven, Creatress of all. Take  back your original pristine pure nature. Revel in it, wash away all impurities of false sin and punishment, retribution and outside authority father figures. Grow Up. 
Violet or Ultra Violet is the true color of the Sun. Ultra-violet rays and all that. It is the color of psychic wisdom.
Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds
on the heel that has crushed it.
 — Mark Twain
Amethysts hold this third eye color. Use them wear it, sleep with one under your pillow.
Violets can be eaten they are candied, you can make VIOLET TEA which has healing benefits.
Tea leaf reading Tara Green Tea Party
Have we ever really left the garden or was it all a big bad dream?
Need help to get back to the Garden? Get a reading
Ultra- Violet by U2