Monday, April 29, 2013

Card if the Day, 2 of cups, The Tarot of abundant blessings, Astrology Tara Greene

Tara Greene Tarot
Roots of Asia Tarot 2 of Cups
Lets say this a  two day card because I have been sick and didn’t get my Sunday April 28 card out. SO lets say a Sunday and Monday card or
do you want an extra card?
This is a very interesting 2 of cups card from the Roots of Asia Tarot.
Most 2 of cups Tarot cards are about partnership, love, personal romance. And all of that applies here. 2 of cups water
Blossoming relationships, balanced emotions, choices in sharing emotions.
This images is very cosmic. The VAULT or Cup of Heaven is pouring down its blessings upon those who are open to receive. The “other” on the earth plane is moving up to meet the Beloved at the balance point, where the two cups meet.
An as above so below 2 of cups.
Astrology correspondence is VENUS in CANCER
Venus is LOVE and CANCER is the sign of  nurturing, safety, emotional security, home, receptivity.
Venus will enter Cancer on June 2 this year.
So perhaps this is a feel ahead prophecy card.
OPEN TO LOVE, give it and receive it in equal measure.
How is your love life these days? Topsy-turvy or smooth and balanced?
Cancer's I find has trouble receiving. Where is Cancer in your Natal chart?
How open are you to receive and give equally?
Need a NEW LOVE reading?