Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lover's weekend Astrology forecast, a shmorgasboard

A little weekend overview for you
FRIDAY 7/5 Gemini, follow the bouncing ball Moon irritates Pluto in the wee hours EDT.
SUN trines Chiron in Pisces- teary but happy.
Moon squares Chiron later- bouncing back and forth between martyrdom, acceptance and denial of your vulnerability?
on Her day- Friday is Vendredi in French- Venus’ day or Frigga/Freya also Nordic Venus
VENUS in Leo is the QUEEN BEE and she and Pluto play stinging heart games. Venus doesn’t aspect other planets as often as the Moon or other planets. Ego’s can fry. It’s love me or leave me time with Venus in the highest heels imaginable.
This area of the Zodiac is symbolized by the PRINCE of WANDS in the TAROT 
GEMINI MOON June, croon, conjunct MARS- early in the day- WHOOP DE DOO!
get an early start, double the energy today, short trips are highlighted,
moods will be upbeat easy, chatty, flirty,  lots of fun acquaintances. Moon goes Void of course all day, a good day for mundane things.
Moon enters CANCER @ 3:14 pm PDt/6:14 pm EDT intrigueing
Mood shifts to sentimental, homing pigeons, comfort food.
Cancer Moon Conjuncts JUPITER-@ 8:21 pm PDT?11:21 pm EDT = PURPLE RAIN- see link below for this song by PRINCE
Purple Rain tara Greene Astrology
effulgent, super FERTILE DAY, big rich energy, I am feeling the Royal Baby coming in as this is a ROYAL ASPECT.
people’s hearts will be very open. Indulge yourself in a Royal treatment of some kind.
BUSY aspect- leading up to New Moon and SATURN turning DIRECT on MONDAY July 8
4 trines today Moon to SATURN then NEPTUNE  in wee hours then to Chiron in Pisces at night.
JULY is the BIG TRINE month this year- all TRINES are easy and beneficial
emotionally feel the new architecture of a new spiritual creative healed dream coming true.
Moon opposes PLUTO @ 11:48 am PDT/2:48 pm EDT choking on your bagels and lox?
this is always a heavy aspect every month-emotions which you think you buried may appear as shadow material projected onto others,
Stay as detached and observant as you can of your own feelings. Dont be mean and heavy.
Change ups galore!  A very hot wild night could be in store with an unexpected person.
Unusual new beginnings in relationships and values. You will be atttracted to quirky offbeat revolutionary individuals.
You are also desiring to stand up to your own unique values in love. 
SATURN in SCORPIO goes DIRECT @ 10:12 pm PDT 
Saturn is powerful now so if you’ve felt tired, its because Saturn’s been grinding the 3D world to a halt. This is a KARMIC turning point.
All the work done behind the scenes will begin to emerge as practical, real transformational powers till early March 2014 when Saturn again does its annual RETRO Retread.
NEW MOON occurs Monday in the wee hours @ 12:14 am PDT/ 3:14 am EDT 
will write about that separately.
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PURPLE RAIN by PRINCE 1984Purple Rain by Prince 1984