Saturday, June 15, 2013

daily inspirational card- 5 of wands- taming the dragons,like Game of Thrones

June 15 Inspirational Card of the Day
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dragon slayer Tarot Tara Greene
5 of wands /Game of Thrones
Traditionally the 5 of wands, like all  5′s  represent difficult, taxing, testing, spiritual energy.
This 5 of Wands by Liz Greene & Sharman-Burke  shows the Greek Hero Jason battling the Dragonwhich Guards the Golden Fleece. Beside him stands his lover and helper the sorceress,enchantress,the Princess Medea.
DRAGONS always hold a popular fantasy. In the popular Game of Thrones PBS series, based on the novels A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, the Princess Daenery’s three dragons are very valuable dangerous creatures.   ”Dragons are Fire made flesh. And Fire ins power.” Quaithe.
The dragons, whether they be from a Harry Potter novel, Middle Earth, or the one St. George slays, all symbolize the same thing in Western mythology and psychology.
Dragons are psychological resisters of practical, earthly reality and change, they jealously guard their treasure buried deep in the cave of the unconscious. Dragons are inertia, the “sloth of despond” is a similar anthropomorphic creature.
That is why the Hero- the Higher Self , or positive Animus- the HERO who ACTS-must fight the Dragon- it symbolizes a lower level animal consciousness, of fear. The damsel in distress is always your own ANIMA or soul that must be freed from being locked up in a tower, chained to a rock, etc. and she is the natural  reward for slaying the dragon etc. The SOUL then gives her knowledge and direction freely.
But dragons are seen totally the opposite in CHINA although they are also masculine, fiery, mythological creatures they are considered very positive and filled with auspicious powers. Dragons are said to control water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good and the EMPEROR uses the dragon as his symbol. Dragons are similar to snakes, and we are in the water snake year. There are ancient symbols for DRACO the ancient constellation.
A difficult time, a struggle, competition. Feeling that you must win at all costs. Irritability,anger and feeling pissed off. 
You can fight or tame your inner dragon. The choice is up to you. Know your enemy. The dragon you need to slay is always within yourself. You have your own inner sorceress, which you can count on to defeat your dragons, inertia,, fear, status-quo. You are being tested in the world. You need to have your weapons, tools and wits about you. You need to be able to conquer your own lands and live the life you choose.
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