Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ritual to attract new love with Astrology visualization soul work

Part 2 Ritual to attract new love April 6/7- NEW MOON APRIL 10 a 5 day ritual

If you prep and do the inner work it will work – PLEASE SHARE  WIDELY  so that many can benefit.

the numerology of this day fits too April 6 = 4 + 6 = Lovers in the Tarot = 10 or 1 -MAGICIAN New beginnings
because the energy gets BIGGER and builds like passion, like a you know what
Kristen Stewart get a huge impact from this as her birthday is April 9 – i am working on it
APRIL 10 the Moon  conjuncts and activates the SUN MARS & VENUS 
This is the perfect time because its spring, mating season in the NORTHERN hemisphere,
Down Unders this works for you too
the VENUS And MARS is ALL IS NEW  in the sign of  beginning on all levels
Focussing your  energy on a photo of a gemstone works, just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ
we will use                                                                                                                        RUBY
RUBY ARIES new Love Tara Greene
Red is passion. desire. GO in most cultures. Protection too.
When intending to attract new love, never meddle in anyone’s free will.
The ritual is done as an offering to VENUS-APHRODITE Goddess of love and relationships + money + beauty  and MARS the Masculine 
You will need 2 red candles, hot pink will so
Rose incense, rose water, fresh red or deep pink roses. 
On April 6/7 VENUS MARS conjunct at 20 degrees Aries which also aspect Capricorn Libra Cancer’s who have planets at the same degrees.
for ritual instructions in general got to
Call in the 4 directions starting in the East, then South, West and North
Sit in the centre  and focus on the ruby red crystal at your ROOT chakra and this image
WIsh fullfilling corporate psychic Tara Greene
The image is a wish fulfilling gem from the Secret Dakini Oracle deck
Breathe into your RED root first chakra as it opens you can ask KUNDALINI energy to start burning- slowly 
when that is open and hot
go to 2nd CHAKRA- sex/womb ORANGE energy visualize this one OPEN
then go to 3rd chakra -bright yellow and see it open
then 4th HEART chakra an visualize Green and the wish fulfilling tantric couple in center of your heart
stay with this image opening all 4 chambers of the heart because this is about LOVE
then go up to 5th chakra and visualize seep blue LAPIZ Lazuli and feel your heart open also good to sound, moan
then go up to 6th chakra, violet flame or amethyst crystal eye-opening
then go up to crown chakra- pure white and crystal clear opening like a thousand petalled lotus
then go up to 8th chakra GOLDEN about 2 feet above your head this connects you to SOURCE all LIGHT
then state aloud: I am balanced, whole within myself, I am the BELOVED, the Beloved loves me, feel this fully
RECEIVE the love the UNIVERSE has for you
this relationship is what the UNIVERSE is doing always and forever U just need to tap into it
Its like Acupuncture,
SAY ” I am now open to receive a new soul mate, a twin flame, my Divine other half who is human
and who vibrates at the same heart mind spirit soul physical vibration as me.”
Do this ritual DAILY till the NEW MOON April  10 so it’s a 5 day- for VENUS ritual
you can add adapt and as you feel called by your heart and soul to add to.
spend at least 10 minutes a day or longer- you are the creator
REMEMBER the Universe always sends you exactly what you seek
IF you need love coaching; schedule a reading