Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Lovers, Aries Mating season rush,Astrology Intuitive Scope from Tara Greene

I’ve been away for the last few days taking a fascinating Past Life Regression workshop and learning some new skills which I will  be working with sharing and letting you know about. It is soulful delicious work.
April Astrology, A A for short may be all about letting go of Addictions on all levels-


physically emotionally spiritually mentally.

The NEW 2013 energy is just beginning to coalesce.
There are Lots of hidden shadow energies COMING OUT. Notice all the gang-rapes being reported all over the world. This is because of the Divine Feminine energy which was released last June at the VENUS ECLIPSE of the SUN being manifested now. OLD Masculine control of women’s sexuality is in fear big time and is trying vainly  to keep its control. I send much love and healing energy to the poor women and children who have been brutally raped, there is NO EXCUSE. These brave females are offering themselves like sacrificial lambs to help strengthen the plight of all women.

April 1- 7
Moon’s in Capricorn Tuesday-Thursday. Moon conjunct PLUTO on the 2nd in evening which is always heavy intense, Capricorn’s don’t like being emotional. The Moon brings their buried feelings in touch with the SOUL and it is a body battle. Deepening our connection to the earth would be very helpful now.

April 4
Moon enters freewheeling’ Aquarius early am and Squares SATURN
The secrets may out. Stay or go?
Friday is easy but you will want to prep for SATURDAY NIGHT Live
Saturday Night FEVER Heavy date
Sunday after midnight EDT
VENUS & MARS MAKE WHOOPY! in ARIES @ 19 degrees 57 minutes

BRINGING SEXY BACK to a new start
Venus and Mars meet every 2 years but inly once every 32 years in the same sign. April 1981 was the last time. That was we first heard about AIDS. PLUTO and SATURN were in Libra, Uranus in Scorpio. Unexpected chaotic change in death from sexuality and relationships then.
This time Saturn is in SCORPIO Pluto is in Capricorn and Uranus is in ARIES. I predict a possible cure for AIDS and an uncovering of the SECRET of how BIG GOVERNMENT and Pharmacies intentionally created the disease to wipe out millions in Africa and in the gay communities.

R U BORN APRIL 9! Then your LOVE LIFE BECOMES a PERFECT 10 and better!
Brand new beginnings in LOVE for ALL SIGNS
GUESS WHO's birthday that is?

Guess who may get engaged to Guess who?

Fired up and HOT to trot, independent VENUS is in AMAZON Warrioress mode in her lovers sign

Venus sacred cow Astrology Tara Greene
The Sacred Cow/VENUS mating with Fiery MARS
 passionate, tangy, rough, crude, ego’s can brush each other the wrong way.
Be careful not to blow up, if they are late, inconsiderate, rude, selfish and expect the same treatment..
IMPULSES will be at an all time HIGH!
It’ll be difficult to check credentials before you leap into that someone’s arms!
WOMEN you need to be ready, armed and DANGEROUS
and need to run in those high heels if necessary.
Your head and your heart will be spinning.
TEMPESTUOUS fire walking from the heart is the best thing to do
TAKE NOTHING PERSONALLY this is thy new mantra

LEO’s  born August 12 and  Sagittarians  born December 11
PRESSURE is on for
CANCER’s born JULY 12  and CAPRICORN”S born DECEMBER 10 get the HARD SQUARE aspect.
LIBRA’s born OCTOBER 13 get the exact opposition, choosing a wise balance, hmmm difficult.

Check out where your planets are around 18-21 degrees and which houses?
NEW MOON on the 10th has 5 planets in FIREY ARIES that’s a 5 alarm fire!
and is the absolute BEST Day to LAUNCH Any SHINY NEW project,
but the need to release the PAST 1st is so important now
I’ll design a ritual but gotta get some Dreamtime

I know YOU NEED a  READING  http://taratarot.com/id78.html