Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 Planets in their elements, BIG BANG THEORY Astrology ritual from Tara Greene

3 Planets in their elements,  BIG BANG THEORY April 15-18
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April 15-18 3 “planets”  are in their own signs.
Planets, like us, are at their strongest when cosily ensconced at home. The Moon is called a planet by Astrologers.
She is in her home sign of CANCER. Where she rules the WATER roost, the womb, comfort security, roots, Mother, food, tradition, fertility, moody, oceans..
MARS is in his home sign ARIES till Sat April 20  MARS is at his FIERY WARRIOR  initiatory best, 
fighting, explosive, angry, threatening, Macho,competitive, arrogant, chest banging as we have seen from North Korea and the bombings in Boston.
VENUS is in her home sign TAURUS where she rules the EARTHY  roost of luxury, romance, sensuality, creativity, fine dining, massages, spas, money, 
Make the MOST of the Triple element strength.
The Power of Love in the three elements Tara Greene
Omnia Vincit Amor, or The Power of Love in the Three Elements
Benjamin West
Monday was the Moon’s Day, Tuesday is Mars Day,
Wednesday April 17 is the Big Bang day ARIES Sun conjunct Mars exact!
This is the precursor for the earthquake in Iran. Also the big
Solar flare that happened last weekend contributes to the unstable erratic insecure feelings.
We need to mellow out with VENUS in TAURUS.
Use the fire power SUN MARS= MASCULINE with VENUS  and MOON as FEMININE
as an equal balanced masculine and feminine pair.
This is a beautiful Alchemical image of the SACRED MARRIAGE or BIG BANG!
Keep it really simple
Have 4 stones and or 4 candles- little tea lights will do, smudge or incense for purification
Set up the ritual starting with lighting the candles from the east to south-west and north
Stand in your circle light the incense and breathe deeply
Hold you arms out to your sides, call in the powers of the
 intuition, introspection receptivity, love, water, earth, fertility, birth
Then call out the MASCULINE  energies to come to you,
strength, courage, action, matter, Light, earth and air, Gods, add names if you like
Then close your eyes and slowly bring your outstretched hands together to the middle of your heart chakra
 bring your palms together as in prayer,
then call out the “As above,” the SUN and all the STARS the LIGHTS of heaven,  the Sky God symbols
and all the “As below”, the earth, the crystals, the sacred cenotes and underwater springs, caves, oceans,
and feel those two energies merge into your heart chakra,
Say All is ONE and One is ALL, this is the SACRED Marriage of the Masculine
and the Feminine,  the Sacred Bride and Her Bridegroom
the Yin and the Yang.
All is balanced and whole all is in order,
I am whole.
Stay in this prayerful position and let the energies flow through you.
You may feel the erotic kundalini energies naturally rise through you. That is good.
ENjoy it.
Do this ritual on Wednesday
Moon will enter LEO Thursday at 8:13 am PDT/ 11:13 am EDT
SUN enters TAURUS MARCH !9 @ 6:03 pm EDT
Mars enters Taurus April 20- more earth
Venus will dally with Saturn the 22nd Earth Day then Mars on the 30th
to make it REAL.
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GET GROUNDED WHILE YOU CAN – Because of the approaching URANUS PLUTO 2nd exact square for the year May 20.