Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pope Francis I who is he? Astrology of Papa by Tara Greene

New POPE Francis I is elected as Mars enters his home sign Aries ,its’ the tout suite and a New Chinese President as well March 14.
It was a tense day energetically March  13. 3 13 13  interesting Numerology. 13 is a Goddess feminine symbol, Death and rebirth in the Tarot Trumps
named after St. Francis of Assisi
Pope Francis Astrology Tara Greene
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What is Pope FRANCIS 1st all about ? born Dec ember 17 1936 in Buenos Aries Argentina
The POPE was only one of two Pope’s on the list who had a CLEAN RECORD of sexual abuse. He was a smart choice.
South American has a huge devout Catholic population. Hispanics are one of the largest growing language and culture groups in the United States,and South America is set to be one of the richest and THE spiritual center in the world  for the next 12,000 years according to Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book Serpent of LIGHT. Just as Tibet and India were center’s for the last 12,000 years, it is now South America’s turn.
ST. Francis was known for being a simple humble man who communed with nature.
The New pope is  a Sagittaria and they love animals. Pope Francis has the North Node conjunct his Sun very near to the Galactic Center, making him a very powerful charismatic leader and teacher. He may appear simple and uninterested in the mundane world.
This indicates he may have a visionary,  have a real  metaphysical higher calling. An honest, New Age philosophy POPE?
How does he see the People and Women?
Symbolized by the Moon- people and Venus in his natal chart they are conjunct  7 degrees of  AQUARIUS
Moon in Aquarius is a hi tech POPE- perhaps he will start a BLOG, and use the new technologies to reach the flock.
The POPE on I PHONE giving I Benedictions.
He is detached in his feelings and sees women as things, objects. Although he has PLUTO in Cancer opposite that exact MOON VENUS conjunction.
He may feel very nurturing protective private and insecure deep down. Perhaps very close to his mother, sentimental about his  native homeland.
With Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Capricorn
he may sound very businesslike, have strong Patriarchal presence, easy to command, definitely conservative.
Mars in Libra
he will try to keep the peace, although he may flip-flop. Mars in Libra has good taste, refinement, Good people skills. Aims to please others.
Loves those POPE HATS.
I set this chart at NOON which gives Pope Francis a 15 mid degree PISCES ASCENDANT with SATURN ON HIS ASCENDANT
This is the type of POPE he will be. OLD SCHOOL, SATURN, TRADITIONAL, PISCES is the OLD AGE we are moving out of
If he could act from his emotions with is MOON VENUS CONJUNCTION IN AQUARIUS
The new POPE would be innovative, supporting birth control, gays, loosening up old ancient worn out traditions.
He does want the People’s love.
SATURN IN PISCES is opposite Neptune in Virgo
He is analytical, intelligent, hard-working, a simple man, devoted to being of service.
He is of two minds, can debate the old vs New, may feel insecure about his communications skills
Uranus in Taurus is developing a new tiller for the soil. Inventing new practical  resources. LILLITH opposite that
and square his Moon, instincts and Venus in Aquarius. He is afraid that he cannot control woman and her sexuality
that she will ridicule him. ERGO bind that woman, that Harlot, the Whore of BABYLON.
PLUTO IS EXACTLY on his MERCURY in Capricorn
Power, soul is exactly in harmony with prevailing patriarchal and Corporate politics
Jupiter is almost on his IC MC- he will be moving to his new home where he will TEACH/Preach. PONTIFCIATE
that’s what Sagittarius love to do best.
will cross his LILLITH and oppose his URANUS SHORTLY
an unexpected  Higher position, responsibility and worldly career promotion to be sure
JUPITER will be opposite his Jupiter in July
VENUS just crossed POPE FRANCIS ASCENDANT indicating a new journey, a new birth, and is squaring his CHIRON at 20 Pisces on election day
The people symbolized by the MOON in Aries and PLUTO in Capricorn
are SQUARE and the people will test the PAPACY’s powers especially around women and wealth distribution of the VATICAN
if this POPE Acts Like SAINT FRANCIS
he will be giving away millions to the Poor, fostering veganism, care for lowly beings, animal rights, an honest, truly spiritual, honest POPE
which in this age of dwindling respect for the PAPACY would be revolutionary.
St. Francis walked his talk, lived a simple humble spiritual life listening to Christ in a bird’s song.
that would be really sweet and simple and what the world needs know.

Does the New Pope have meaning for you?


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