Saturday, March 16, 2013

Double the Luck O' the Irish, St. Patrick's Day Truth,Mercury Direct Astrology

How was that  beautiful TAURUS Moon Trine PLUTO in Capricorn  March 15? Did you reap some rewards?
Moon enters GEMINI March 16 @ 11:09 pm PDT/ ST. Paddy’s day March 17 @ 2:09 am
March 17 MERCURY GOES DIRECT @ 1:03 pm  PDT/ 4:03 pm EDT
YAY it s been a bruiser of a Retro. being in Pisces there was lots of unconscious slip ups
technically it takes till April 7 till Mercury is really getting ahead  of 19 degrees 52 minutes of PISCES which was the Retro turn about point.
Moon goes VOID OF COURSE on Sat MARCH 17 @ 4:11 pm PDT/7:11 pm EDT
The Luck of the IRISH is definitely gonna happen March 17
to find out the TRUTH About St. Patrick’s day
see my former articles about the History of St. Patrick’s Day
Medusa Caravaggio Tara Greene
HEAD OF MEDUSA by Caravaggio 1597
 St. Patrick was famous for driving the snakes synonymous with PAGAN Goddess worship and the beginning of “official” Catholic rule in Ireland. In a Black water Snake year- the snake like energy of MEDUSA will be turning the green tides on St. Patrick.
Good thing that New Pope didn’t call himself Pope Patrick or Patricio.
Luck O’ the Irish RITUAL   You don’t have to be IRISH to benefit.
The Moon makes 8 aspects- as definitely BEFITS a flitty airy double duty GEMINI Moon
Especially for Mutable signs GEMINI SAGITTARIUS and PISCES by ancient Rulership
BECAUSE the Moon and Jupiter conjunct at 6:48 pm PDt/ 9:48 pm EDT
Hearty, hale , much singing and bantering,boisterous, fun, lively, up beat, over the top.
Strong possibility of getting really SOUSED with the Jupiter/Pisces connection.
JUPITER the great Benefactor – will double your LUCK
4 Leaf Clover Luck, Tara Greene
Here’s a double the luck Irish Charm for St. Paddy’s day
Cut out 2 four leaf clover designs -this  is GEMINI
Call in all the Irish Ancient Gods and Goddesses, the bards,
the Dagda, Brigid, Lugh,
use some OGHAM if you know it, similar to Nordic Runes, Gaelic is good too,
there is a similarity between Gaelic and Hebrew letters
Recite the IRISH good luck charm over it 2 times
One leaf is for fame,
And one leaf is for wealth,
And one is for a faithful lover,
And one to bring you glorious health,
Are all in the four-leaved clover
Do an Irish jig, drink some Great IRISH whisky
sing Danny Boy, read parts of Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce as an incantation
or the WHITE GODDESS by Robert Graves, listen to U2 at Least.
and Trust to Jupiter and the Luck o’ the Irish.
Have a great St. Patrick’s Day
More about St. Patrick, the Kings of Tara, the origin of the name Tara