Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walk Like an Egyptian The Solar Eclipse Jan 4 fell over CAIRO Tara greene astrology intuitive     Hooray for the Egyptians for staying their ground for creating a peacefull revolution. After 30 years in power Mubarek has left the pyramids. This new army takeover is still very fragile and they were always backing up every Egyptian leader for the past 60 years or more.
Mubarek's reign is 30 years old and Egypt itself are both having their SATURN RETURN'S! So back to where it all began, you start all over again.

The Solar Eclipse of JAn 4 2011 shadow fell over Cairo! The spots on the earth where the eclipse shadow falls are under the direct affects of the Solar Eclipse's symbolic meaning.

I re-looked at the Jan 4 solar eclipse right on cairo and it is stunning!

As you can see Zero degrees of Aries is exactly on the Ascendant! This indicates a totally new beginning for Cairo predicated by the solar eclipse. Remember the Egyptians were Sun worshippers!