Monday, January 3, 2011

Eclipse predictions Taar Greene psychic

Only 4 days into 2011 and we have a partial solar eclipse occurring at the Moon’s ascending Node in Eastern Sagittarius. It is a Capricorn Solar Eclipse with the Moon’s North Node at 2 degrees 46 mins of Capricorn in Tropical astrology.

2011 will see 4 partial solar and 2 total lunar eclipses. According to Nasa a 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year is rather rare. There will only be 6 years of this ratio in the 21st century.

Over a period of 3 hours the Moon will partially obscure the Sun’s light. The path of the Sun’s eclipse is visible in the drawing.

The eclipse WILL NOT be visible in North America.


Please remember that Solar Eclipses were always considered to be terrifying. The Dragon or demons was considered to be eating the Sun in ancient Chinese Astronomy/Astrology. Considered inauspicious, a time to make offerings, purifications, supplications and prayers to appease the God’s so that the Sun’s light would return.

The places over which the Eclipse shadow passes directly are always the most strongly affected. See map.


It is time of meditation and ritual. A Capricorn Solar Eclipse is Earth element. Feminine. Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn now at 16 degrees of Libra, its exalted place. The eclipse occurs at 9:03 am GMT and 1:03 am PST, 4:03 am EST. It is recommended to cancel any important tasks during the eclipse. Hindus take a ritual bath after the eclipse is over.
The penumbral shadow first touches the earth in northern Algeria.

Sweden gets the maximum exposure at sunrise 8:50:35 UT magnitude of 0.858.

The Axis of the Moons shadow will pass a mere 510 km above the earth’s surface.


The Sun will rise eclipsed at maximum in England. Paris and Berlin see 80% of the Sun obscured.


The cities of Cairo, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Tehran all witness a large magnitude partial eclipse. Over Isreal, Egypt, Iran the Sun will be 33 degrees in height and over 55% of its surface will be covered at maximum. See additional writing about how the eclipse and upcoming planetary transits affect Iran.


North Western India will see a large part of it, as in Gujarat and Rajhastan.


A sunset eclipse will be visible from central Russia, Kazakhastan, Mongolia and north western China. It is over at 11:00:54 UT.

First, the Quadrantid Meteor Shower reaches its peak during the hours just before dawn. It promises to be among the best displays all year with 100 meteors expected every hour.
The annual meteor showers emmanating from the North East corner of the Constellation Bootes the Herdsman. A constellation considered to be a very spiritual place with enlightened Beings channelling from that place. I have had a fewe contacts from this space myself.

Over 100 meteorites an hr will be visible in pre dawn Europe and Western Asia at the same time as the eclipse. The shower peaks on Jan 3 and 4th appearing between the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. In the Us the meteor shower will be visible at 20:00 hours EST Jan 3.

VERY AUSPICIOUS to have a meteor shower and a Solar Eclipse together.

likethe Dec 21 solstice/ Lunar Eclipse. we are getting the message that something xtra special is occuring here. We must pay more attention to what the Heavens are trying to tell us Big Time.

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