Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lisa Thiel - Green Tara Mantra

The Green Tara Mantra one of my favourite mantras. It is of Tibetan and Buddhist origin, a prayer chant to the Great Mother Green Tara. Her worship is so ancient, originating in India and spreading throughout Europe all the way to Ireland where of course Tara is thought of as being totally Celtic Irish historically.

Her name in Sanskrit-SITARA means the stars; her Heavenly voice and music is the Sitar, her name also generated the Latin name Terra for the Earth which it is a cognate of. This chant is by Lisa Thiel. You can buy directly from Amazon through my site here. All of Lisa's music is totally Goddess centered, beautiful angelic. An American singer Lisa Thiel pioneered Goddess and Native American songs and chants in the early 80's. Recording many albums she currently resides in Tuscon Arizona.